Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beware **Short Post**

Well, as the blog is now named "Jack's Thing"  and my real name is Jack, I wanted to finally make my main character a boy. I would of when I first joined, but I thought the faces were all angry, so I just made myself a girl.

Anyway, this new character is named Jack Cloud. Originally I was just going to name him Jack (None)(None), but then I saw cloud and I was like "OMG THAT IS EPIC"

Though, this is just a small post. Tomorrow's will be bigger, as I am probably finishing Wizard City so- Sorry.. I mean I think SUNDAYS post will be bigger, as I need to finish all side-quests too.

Sorry for the shortness.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jacks Thing (No Sexual Reference)

Wow, I am such a lying hypocrite.
What do you mean Vanes- Jack?
I said I wouldn't post for another two-three months... Well, that isn't the case, as something I never dreamed would happen, happened to me.

I am bored of Minecraft.

HOW? HOW CAN I BE? I am very mad at myself for being so mad that I would resort to a game I made fun of after I left. I am more mad I made fun of Wizard101.. though recently... it does suck. Not for everyone, just me. All the friends I grew up with on Wizard101 are gone.. I literally mean everyone. Tabitha is gone, Cassandra was leaving before I left, Jacob is gone, Justin left, Gabriel does nothing but garden... and not come on. Not even the people who I didn't like are on anymore!

This leads me to the conclusion... I am leaving the gaming comm- wait what? Hellllllllll no! I am just restarting everything. Yes.. I already did it.. Vanessa, Jack, Kayla... gone... and Mason too.

I am confused betw- wait I forgot to tell that was partially a joke. I kept Vanessa, because she has crowns and the Massive Fantasy Palace, which in the future will be an artifact in The Royal Museum. Though I am confused between just making a new BOY character on my original account, or if I should make a new account and pay with crowns.

Leading me to another annoying decision.. crowns or subscription?

Perks of Being a Subscriber:
120 Backpack Slots
Unlimited PVP
Crafting Timers Cool Down Twice as Fast
Friends List Expands To 120 People

The things I want is the backpack slots and the cool down time for crafting.. though... For a purchase of 60,000 crowns for $60 I can get the ENTIRE Malistaire storyline set of worlds..
If I wanted the Morganthe storyline it'd be around 30,000 crowns, but with the other extra worlds would cast me another 20,000... Here are my calculations.

Malistaire Prices:Wizard City GRAND TOTAL: 3750 Crowns
Krokotopia GRAND TOTAL: 11895 Crowns
Marleybone GRAND TOTAL: 12000 Crowns
Mooshu GRAND TOTAL: 10800 Crowns
DragonSpyre GRAND TOTAL: 10800 Crowns
Morganthe Prices:
Celestia GRAND TOTAL: 10170 Crowns
Zafaria GRAND TOTAL: 10170 Crowns
Avalon GRAND TOTAL: 10170 Crowns
Azteca GRAND TOTAL: 11970 Crowns
Extra Area Prices:Grizzleheim GRAND TOTAL: 9975 Crowns
Wintertusk GRAND TOTAL: 9975 Crowns
Wysteria GRAND TOTAL: 3000 Crowns

Of COURSE I'd only pay the 60,000 Crowns when they're on sale (Like now), so it'd overall cost me $120 for all the current worlds forever, plus an extra 7000 Crowns. So if I quit, or take a break like last time, I wouldn't be wasting half of my year-long subscription... so, please leave a comment on what I should do.


Friday, March 8, 2013

The Final Post (Possibly)

So... hi.
I haven't posted since- August I think. No- June. Reason? Minecraft.


I have betrayed you all! I told myself I'd never be seduced to the power of the blocks... though... it was too addicting. I am weak.

So I have decided I'll make this post, as a goodbye-ish thing, because I never really did. I might still post but that's like- once every three months.

So since leaving this blog I have fallen in love with Minecraft. Absolutely in love. Though, let's talk about real life. It sucks. People. Are. Assholes. They celebrate and live their lives in the wrong ways, and not wrong because I live mine differently but wrong because they live off other peoples pain. Pain they inflict on that person.

I've never had suicidal thoughts until this year. I never understood how people did that to themselves, but now, I do. I won't do it at the moment, so don't worry if you are, because that's really selfish, because taking my life would ruin my families. They'd live their lives, growing up, or older, with a son or brother who killed themselves when they were thirteen. So therefore, I won't ever do that.

That's about it.

See you in.. another... two-three months.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Yearbook Signing

Ah yes... that time of the year where everyone buys a $40.00 Yearbook and has everyone sign it... Personally, I like it just to make funny things in them..

  1. Someone writes "I'M A BANANA -Greg" and I write next to banana "Sucker" 
          End Result: "I AM A BANANA sucker -Greg"

     2. Writing in stuff like "Hope you die! XOXO <3"

     3. Seeing people write things like "LOVE YA,     BESTIE!" and writing the word "Slut" next to it

So in an end result, I like making fun of people in yearbooks...It isn't like a bullying thing like "NO ONE LIKES ME" It is just teasing should try it sometime...

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Great House Help Part 2

Hey everyone.
So, there are houses out there that look, unrealistic. Every detail counts. Even adding pets or fireplaces help. Which is what we are talking about today. Lets begin..

Including Pets In Your Housing:One thing I hate is when people buy houses, like the Massive Fantasy Palace, or the Sun Palace, and don't use it. All they do you use it for storage or putting out random pets. Though, pets take a roll in housing too. Here is what I mean.
Harvest Goddess in my Harvest Festival House
This example is from my Harvest Festival house. I used this pet to represent a Harvest Goddess. I named her Angel to fit her appearance. If you do include your pets in house do not name them Princess Cookie when they are a Seraph.

Fireplaces In Housing:
Lots of people have fireplaces in their houses living rooms. I like that. You can also use it in other places...for example in the corner of a diner, or in a club. Anywhere really. Just not outside, or with a candle in it. It looks just pathetic. Might as well leave it without a candle.

Including Rugs:
Rugs play a big role in housing. Rugs are the center of attention when you enter a room. Rugs take up extra space, and should match it's surroundings. Take this one for example, probably forgot large watcher rugs are actually rugs...

As you can see I used that to take up the extra space that was left empty. You also see the painting that takes up the empty wall space.

Simple Details: 
Simple details help with making your house more realistic. If you are making a pavillion, add things onto it, not just place it out.


Thanks for Reading!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I hate these people: Part 2

My mind has overflown with things I hate about people. This time I am listing things I hate about teachers. We all hate them, but I have some interesting ones...

I hate it when...

  • I hate it when they say "Is this 8th grade because you're acting like 1st graders"
  • When they say "My nephew is in 2nd grade and he knows how to behave in class! You surely dont!"
  • When they brag about their kids
  • When they don't get that people are making sexual jokes about them and they say Thanks.
  • When they say we are doing a fun torture-some math activity labor job
  • When in the beginning of the school year they want to know ALL about us and our family and what we like and were we live and our email adresses and they are know our Best friend Peto stalker
  • When they look like they are pregnant
  • When they say we need to have "Happy Talk"...Sounds strange. Like a weird Sharon Osbourne Talk Show.
  • When they watch football games/baseball games or any other sports
  • When they pick our partners for projects.
  • I hate the fact that they even wanted to be a teacher.

Thank you for listening to a few of my rants...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I hate these people..

Hey Hey Hey! (It's faaaaat Albert)!
There are a lot of things I hate. I hate specific companies, things people say, but for right now, I am listing the things I hate about what people do on Wizard101. Sooo...Lets begin!

I hate...

  • When people fight and say *Hits*. Especially when after they say "*Hit*" the other person says "OH NO YOU DIDN'T BITCH!"'s a game? She didn't actually hit you?
  • When people blog acting all nice with no cursing and happy feelings- trying to bullshit us or something. We all know you curse in real life. Sure its a family game and I don't curse inside the game. I only curse while blogging. (Outside of the game)
  • When my friend gets "muted" for healing a level 21 who didn't want to be healed. Kingsisle, you need to start reading your reports.
  • When people who I am teaching a glitch to, tear it all down, and say "IT WAS WRONG". OBVIOUSLY IF IT WAS WRONG I WOULD TELL YOU, DAMMIT!
  • When people say "You were a noob too!" How cliche is that? Sure he's running away and screaming from a noob, but, still say something like "Damnit, ______ just go away, no one is asking you to be here! Leave! Go! Scat!"
  • When people say 'Brb" and they never come back..
  • When I am showing someone my house and all they want to do is leave...they asked to see it.
  • When people freak out because they have the backpack limit, I have the limit all the time and I don't give a shit if it is full.
  • When I log on and people say "Hey Vanessa!". I get that they are being nice, but if gets annoying...
  • When people dress like sluts. And talk like sluts....EX. "Oh my god! Lizzie! You did not just say that!" Or they give nicknames and have Central Signatures with stars and hearts and them all together with text that says "Tab, Nat, Aut....Besties!". Yes....your best friend is a digital character. How wonderful?

And that are just some of the things I hate about Wizard101 Players..


Thursday, May 31, 2012



I haven't been posting. And I warned you. It's been, what, 5 Months since I said goodbye temporarily? Yeah, Probably. When I left off I was working on my hotel house, and I finished. But, I got a new laptop when the laptop with the pictures....CRASHED.

Some things that will change:
-This blog will have *Some* Cursing. Never the F-Bomb. Just thing like Crap, Shit, and Hell. If you can't handle the fact that kids nowadays already know these words and we must "Protect" Them, then...Take them out of school and leave the spiral. Because there is a whole lot of cursing there.
-I am still awesome, No need to worry.
-Some non-related Wizard101 stuff will happen (As you see in the last post).
-No I won't post news. You don't need another billionth person telling you that test realm is out.

So, yeah. My other, old, twitter got hacked, so follow my new one (If you want too)

While I was gone, I was decorating, a lot. I HAVE GOTTEN BETTER! So here are all the central links..

Hunger Games Arena: Just an experiment
Hunger Games House (FULL): Capitol, District 12, The Arena. This is too amazing

Black and Red Arena: Black and Red Arena=COOLIO
My Arena: Yeah....First one in a while

Full Experiment Post: The Title Explains


UNDER THE ARENA: A different perspective





I made more houses
EX. Harry Potter, Medieval House, Harvest Festival, Carnival, Animal Festival, Gardening Houses.
And I am working on a backwards house (Inside is Outside and Outside is Inside).

Hope you enjoy the new me! BLARG


Friday, May 4, 2012

Labeling Yourself, Don't Do It.

Sometimes people can get in your way of doing things. Though you need to be sure. People won’t understand you if you have your own way of doing things. Never say “I’m just a rebel” because then they’ll just laugh and say “No your being a smart allec” Or in the more urban way “Your being a smartass”. People won’t understand things you want, except you. Even if you try your best to achieve that, it won’t work- they hold you back.
 “Then the angel asked her what her name was she said, I have none. Then he asked her, can this be my father never gave me one.”-Abrahams Daughter- Arcade Fire
“How darest child- defy your father- you better let young Isaac go.”-Abrahams Daughter- Arcade Fire
Society doesn’t allow “Unique” or “Different people” in. They stereotype against them saying “Oh, they are to smart.” Or “I heard they are bisexual. Stay away from her” but really, it is better to be different then the same. Principals agree and like the “sames” (From now on they are separated by sames and differents). People say “Oh no they wouldn’t do that” Because they think they are perfect.
“Unless you’re perfect, then you can’t judge.”
I don’t find myself as a rebel. Saying you’re a rebel is bullshit. You can’t go around saying *I’m THIS* *I’m THAT* Because, you can’t label yourself. You are what you are, and if you fight for yourself and what is the truth and not just some dumbass saying something that doesn’t go along with common sense, then you would be considered a bitch. To society. Only because you said something they don’t like. So if you say something more powerful then what they said, you are now officially considered- a bitch.
Lets go back to the sames and differents.
Sames- like to change themselves into the picture of what we find “perfect” or “Normal”.
Differents- Don’t care how they look or how different they look from everyone else (The Sames), their outcasts.
“I’m kind of between a goody-goody and a rebel, I’m a little crazy”-Michelle Wei
Rebels aren’t punks. They just don’t agree with what people see as “The perfect image” they disagree with the idea of everyone being the same. I really have no idea what I am typing, and I don’t know much about rebels. I’ve been a bit like the quote above this paragraph. A little crazy….

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Been a great run, but it's over...HOORAY!

See what I did there? No? Well, I said Ahola which means hello AND goodbye? Now do you understand? Hooray!

I've been playing this game for a long time...It's taken my life away. I'm not saying it was just this game...When I was eight and played toontown- that took my life away too.

Wizard101 has given me things but...It's taken away from my social life. Multiplayer games aren't good for me. I've missed Bat Mitsfa partys, surprise parties, etc. just to play. Grades have gone down a lot since I discovered online games..and I will still be playing Wizard101- but not as much.

I'm leaving the blogging, twitter, etc. community. Like in a post awhile ago...IT'S A GAME PEOPLE! You can't make someone look bad in front of a bunch of DIGITAL CHARACTERS who don't even know you in person.

The community is getting crazy...I don't even quest anymore, the only thing that keeps me staying is the houses..even if they look's still fun


Saturday, February 18, 2012

My travels across the country..the search for housing ideas.

I have traveled across the country of America in search of inspiration..well actually to visit my grandma but still, I looked out the window at the same time. America has sme pretty cool things...I've seen light bridges/archways, cliffs with shrubs, shrubs as hedges, wells, and a lot of other cool things along the way. I plan to use all of these in housing, in my new house, my storm house.

Whaaaattt? Vanessa is making ANOTHER house?? Why yes I am little voice, I finished my other house and I will showcase it here probably in my next post, it probably wasn't one of my best housing on the inside, it the outside it one of the favorites of mine.

I won't show you any picters yet, up I will tell you about what's on the outside. Well there is unicorn pond entrance thinner on the entrance and two small gardens off to the side. If you go to the back of the ouse you come to a nice carnival/fairgrounds area. On the side of the Ouse is a really pretty hedge garden with magical changing color flowers (which I am really proud of inventing ;) ) and the tree of seasons in the center which also forms a gazebo sort of thing with the benches and hedges surrounding it.

Go up into the arena area of the castle and you have a nature, comfortable, flowery, arena. Flowers of all types of colors cover the arena floors with small flower petal which are placed on top the player circles wich making each member of the pvp match fly.

Surrounding the arena circles are three platforms on each side where observers can stand and watch the duel. In the back are two fountains and one grassy mound platform.

That's pretty much the description of the outside, come back soon to check out the full house with all the pictures, etc. etc.

Til next time
Happy wizarding!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Great House Help Project! Part 1

Hey hey hey!
(It's faaaaattt Albert)
So many people like to make houses? Well, I am doing this post for Housing101 but hey why not help you guys!
I have been making a lot of houses lately and have been working on other "experiments" in housing. The spiral has a lot of different views and designs/layouts, you may not know this, but these can be brought into your houses!

Now making houses with themes of "Wizard City" Or "Krokotopia" aren't good but you can add them into you themes like "Krokotopian Exploration" Or "Grizzleheim Outpost" SOOO, LETS BEGIN!


The Krokotopian/Marlybonian digsite scenery is found in the royal hall. They are actually easy to make.
For the reinforced crates to use this way to float your rugs, if you didn't already know how: Floating Rugs
  • One krokotopian tent, small one from Meowiarty and large one from Stoker #2
  • Three reinforced crates
  • One small wooden table
  • One folding stool
  • One stone bowl (Not necessary, but if you want more detail)
  • Two shovels/worn shovels
  • One long broken wall
  • Two wooden barrels
  • One floor torch
  • One tactical map


This one is one of my favorites. I love marlybone! This one is very simple and great if you have a low budget, it only costs around 1000-1500 gold! For this glitch you have to use this method, most people don't know this glitch- check it out: SUPER HOUSING ITEMS!
  • Street lamp- MB housing shop
  • Marlybonian street sign- Old Smokey, Ironworks

This glitch I found in Shirataki Temple, floating paper lanterns onto Torii's/arches. Once again, another simple glitch just need to use this glitch again: how to float rugs
  • Any torii's from Mooshu, blue stone toriis, crimson torii, etc. etc.
  • One or more paper lanterns

This glitch isn't a glitch at all. You don't even need to glitch! It looks nice at the large Dragonspyre house in the center outside.
  • Dragonspyre statue base
  • Headmaster statue
  • Dragonspyre platform

Sorry that I haven't done Wizard City, still working on a way to make this work! Thanks for reading!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Spiral is FULL of Many Different People!

This post is about people in the spiral or the planet earth in fact. Creative people, nice people, EXTREMELY talented people, carefree people, worrisome people, etc etc. But there is the kind that in my mind, should take a break from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking systems.

In Facebook terms, let's say someone posts a status, a casual one "Can't wait until tomorrow! Going to Florida for the break!" Maybe? Well, lets say no one comments on it. "Why aren't they commenting on this!" Or "Why do they hate me!" would pop into their head. Take a break, seriously, they still like you.

I have had a friend like this about two years ago, N______ L_____E___ where just the starting letters of each word in her name. There would be times where I would be AFK and she would ask me to port. Then (because I was AFK) when I didn't port, she would ignore me and say "inappropriate words" to me. A week later was when she would talk to me. She deleted me because I hung out in my house to much. Another thing that makes me crack up is when people say *Punch* Or I WANNA KILL YOU, seriously, reach through my computer, punch me. COME AT ME BRO!

I am not telling anyone to change at all, but seriously, take a step outside, hang out with some friends, have a good time, and take a chill pill...Its a game just telling you that if you didn't know, a game.

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Final Destination: Guess what I mean by that? *Hint HOUSE Hint*

Hi everyone

The New Year really has been going great so far! The blog views in four days have gone up to 238 already. I've recently made a real life blog about the real life me and not just the Vanessa me (Blog link found at bottom of the post). The point I made that blog is to keep track of my life and everything that is happening about it. I don't like to share to much about myself, but I am giving out safe information.

Onto the game, I finished Zafaria!
"Wow, you're slow"
I know, I know. Most of you have probably finished already. They Savannah and other area didn't have enough room for the population of wizard! AHHHHHH

So, guess what happened to me. I have finished, the pet sanctuary! *Bows as the crowd cheers with excitement*

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!


NO, I'm just kidding, lets see the house

So as the picture shows, well be doing the right side of the house, the back side, and the inside
Right Side+Back Side+ Inside = AWESOMENESS !!!

This is one park area, not the greatest but, you know. Also has a nice storage shed with animal food and pet supplies to keep the sanctuary running smoothly.

This is the Pet Park. It has an awesome entrance and an AWESOME swing in the corner of the park, also a pavilion for any shows or plays going on.

Let's head inside! This is the entrance, it has a cute little pond in the corner, a garden and MAGICAL SHRUBBERY, to welcome our residents.

In the basement there is a farm area where mount owners can either donate or lend to us, to take care of while they're out saving the spiral. We also have an ostrich and chickens which help us produce eggs to sell AROUND THE SPIRAL!

 The battlefield, of the.. ULTIMATE....NOOB.....PICNICCCCCC !!! A nice little picnic bench and a picnic rug!

Also on the second floor is our spa, where you can and your pets can relax and lay on our hammock, soak in our hot springs, or just sit with a coconut by our wading pond.

Here is our registration office for any wizard in the spiral who wants to sign up for a membership at our Pet Sanctuary, stop by some time.

 (Try singin' that with Thriller)
This is our Wintertusk/Grizzleheim room. It keeps a stable, cold temperature so your cold icy pets
stay warm while they play in this area.

That's all for this house except if you go back to the entrance hall and take a left, in the corner of the room is teleporter to send you up into the trees where we have our special, treetop club.

With chairs all around to converse with your friends while enjoying a nice cold beverage from our bar table in the corner, and a stage where we usually invite a band to come and play... or we just have karaoke night.



Now, I have already started decorating ANOTHER house! This time it will be in my MFP again where the ruins of Goodstrang Academy once stood, and building a luxury 5star hotel!

Just to end the post I want to say, thank you so much everyone! I've only made one post this whole month, but it has defiantly been the most successful month at that. Other than July, this has gotten 1600+ views, and 800 on that one post! Other posts were viewed and I have been working on outside projects, including a new YouTube account, with ME in real life, and a blog about my in real life. I am really excited to show you all and again, thanks for any excellent start to the new year.

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding

Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post of the New Year! What Happened So Far..

Hey guys!
So, I lost my Ostrich, Reginald today..but luckily when I looked at the blog I saw my birthday party post and I saw that Reginald turned out to be in the party room! So I found him!

Happy New Years! First day of 2012, I can't tell if that is a good thing or a bad thing, since there was an earthquake in Japan yesterday, literally right after 12:00. Heather Raven on Twitter had lecture on how its no big deal since no one got hurt and there was no damage, it was very funny to read, even though now that I think about it..I have no idea how it was so funny. Maybe it was late night loopynis!

The start of the year for me has been pretty good, my dad got my DATA for my phone, which means I can go on the internet and get apps, and everything else a phone should be able to do, I been very awake and have no trouble getting up in the morning even if I stay up until 2:00AM, and I've been very inspired. Especially, with my new house.

New house? you may ask yourself. Yes, a new house! Once more I recreate my THIRD pet sanctuary! Yeah, I made those houses a lot. The first house I made before I even made the blog so I didn't take a picture, the second recreation I did was on Leesha SeaGlade my old life character which "Dropped out of Ravenwood" (AKA I deleted her) so I lost that house which you can see the slideshow HERE, and the new creation I am doing on Vanessa EmeraldGlade, so I will never delete it.

It's been doing good so far, some areas need a bit of work, and I have had to cut some pets and pet areas out from the pet sanctuary, due to space and other ideas to make the recreation even greater than ever before. Here are some photos I took of what I finished so far, not all of them are done, maybe a few more detail and I will be completely finished with the area I am about to show you...BEHOLD FOR IT IS THE FIRST PART OF THE THIRD PET SANCTUARY:

This is the view of the house when you first enter, yes it looks very messy not considering the black fog blocking the view of the second part of the sanctuary. Let's head on into the HEDGE WALKWAY, to many people call it a maze, but in reality, it isn't since it's quite easy to navigate yourself through.
Please, from all of us (ME) at The Diviners Lane, we urge you, to read a it for the children.

Welcome to the unicorn enclosure, here we have Bo, Peanut, Charlie, and Bella. The setting for the unicorns it very open and has a nice bench for you to sit down and relax while your pet "socializes" (*Wink Wink*) with the other unicorns.

While in the unicorn enclosure you can climb up a hill and walk on the hedge path, a line of hedges on a cliff around the circumference of our property, along with your pet.

As you come around the corner of the house you enter a view of the backyard, which is currently under construction and completely empty. Now lets not go to far, lets turn around and go back to the Hedge Pathway.
Here we are at our fairy enclosure, with our three fairies, Bonnie, Trixie, and Angel. This area was made very small since fairies are very small and it could be hard for owners to loose track of their pet fairy. There is a nice pond that owners can sit by on our bench and maybe enjoy a good book.

 If you go outside of the fairy enclosure you see a tiny little seating area for any tiresome wizard who wants to sit down with their pet and regain their energy
Go back down the walkway and you arrive at the dragon enclosure, with Tiger, Midnight, Xena, and Henry. The dragon enclosure is a very unique one which is still undergoing construction but is mostly down. The reason this enclosure is unique is because plants grow in the soil and sprout up as fiery botany, which makes the dragons feel warm and ready to take on a new day.
This concludes the first area of our beloved third generation, Pet Sanctuary. Stop by next time to get a tour of the second area of the pet sanctuary, Thanks!

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years! Resolutions Anyone?

Ciao everyone!
Happy New Years everyone!

Ah, yes, new years, the time to sit around the table, set up a pole, dress as an elf, and tell you family all the times they've disappointed you throughout the year...oh wait, is that Festivus?  Oh yeah, new years, the time to make resolutions to fulfill in the year ahead of you, but, sometimes, you never actually do them or you just forget about them!

Just out of fun, I will make new years resolutions, even though, I won't actually do them. I'll try, but in the end it probably won't happen. So, lets start!

This year I've gone through a lot of things:

  • Discovery that I want to be a(n) actor/singer
  • Made a few more friends who are, really important to me (In real life)
  • Learned to focus on my future
  • Got help
So, has Wizard101:
  • Release of.. ZAFARIA!
  • A great year of contests parties and charities
  • Winning awards
  • Wysteria & Waterworks
  • Reaching 20MILLION players!
Now that we've seen what happened through the year, lets see what I want to change in this year:
  •  My look, not plastic surgery or anything, but clothing wise
  • Become a more strong person
  • Discover more about my future
  • Work on acting and singing
  • Make more friends, true friends, not fake one who I won't know after high school
  • Look my know whats funny? When you're an adult, you love it so much when someone says you look young, but as a kid you just want to punch them in a face :D

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Once More This Post Will Come... -Sad Angels sing- Adiós, mi mágico Amigos/Amigas

"But why Vanessa? WHY!" You may ask.
My life has been tough lately. Though, isn't that what lifes about? No, it's been harder on my than my old post about my life's issues. There been a few issues with my friends, family, social life, personal life, etc. etc. etc......


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Holidays Cards, My Opinion on "Follow me, follow back", Birthday Review!

Happy Holiday Cards

Knock knock
Who's there?
Mary who?

I did this last year, and I decided to do it again this year too, sending out holiday cards! I looked through my contacts and found a lot more Wizard101 players then last year. I found at most twenty-five people, compared to last year having at most five. AND it looks better!

It was kind of based it off of my real life holiday cards, just a bunch of pictures of what happened in the year, of course I couldn't fit ALL of it, that would take a lot of boxes. Wintertusk, Wysteria, new legendary towers, the new Morganthe story-line world (Zafaria), two new epic bundles, and so much more!

This part of my card shows my blog, and how it has progressed through the year, I mean seriously, look at those old posts! Those were hideous! I even made a label for them (Bad Intro Posts) In my opinion, this blog, really helps me, and really changed through the year.

Happy Birthday! This was important to me, first of all, it was a lot of fun, second, I was happy that so many people actually came and supported me on my birthday, and helped me meet a lot of great friends, and that some other people like cheese too.

These last two just show what happened all around the spiral this year, the release of Zafaria, and the entertainment of Wysteria! Where is Wintertusk? I didn't put it in, well because, it was really an official world, just part of one world, but I still loved it!

Follow me, follow back
What is this "Follow" thing you're talking about?
Well, I've been getting a lot of comments lately from people asking me to follow them, if they follow me. Well, I've been deleting them and ignoring them, but it's starting to get really bad. Here is something that I found very true on BloggerHelp (Which you can read here) when I first tried blogging.

"This isn't the typical "follow me and I'll follow you!" post. Those kind of followers are meaningless, as usually people who agree are not actually interested in what you have to say, but simply want to boost their numbers."

This was completely true in my mind. So this is something to think about before agreeing to a "follow me and i'll follow you" comments.

Birthday Review

My birthday this year was AMAZING! I met a lot of new friends, and had a lot of fun! I think everyone else 
Ostrich love
liked it too, except for one guy who said it sucked and left, but, he came back- they always do....ANYWAY the pick-up area had a lot of people, but when we went to the house, not as many. Appparently when someone is in a school tower, people like to port. 

We arrived at the house and read some "Whoa"s and "Awesome!"s and then went inside. I had a nice stand set out for food and presents, entered by going down a staircase (You can kind see a glimpse of it in the background of the picture to your right), had Reginald the Ostrich running around, a present table, some tables and padded chairs, a mannequin in nice party gear by the music player playing Zafaria Main Theme music (I got a lot of compliments for that!),  and some balloons and boardgames set out, it all looked pretty nice! We all got in and some people still porting from the pick-up came, and then Talon ThunderBlade decided "Hey! Let's dance!" and we got our groove on!

After our quick dance party we got into the giving move (Well sort of) and gave me presents, willingly! Well actually it was more like "GIMME ALL YO CARDS, FOOL!" type of thing but, hey! I still got presents!

OK, I have to say Talon ThunderBlade gave an awesome gift- TWO wyvern hoards! Talon Seagem gave me one which is still AWESOME! The only con to these presents were...I got junk, but hey, it's the thought that counts. The other two presents were from Elijah StormHeart and Talon NightShade giving me some awesome cards! Elijah always gets some awesome storm cards for me. Thanks guys!

I wasn't only recieving, I was giving too. I got behind my counter and announced my contest. My contest was to make a party-spirited outfit! I waited ten minutes for everyone to through something together, and then the winner was announced. The winner was Alex BlueThorn wearing a party hat, a rockin' outfit, and boot of comet. His prize was a piece of pie!

Hope you enjoy that pie!
 After the contest we moved outside to the PvP ring where we soon started up some battles! We first started with a battle that I lost, but it was a 3v2 so, what do you expect!

"Excuses Excuses!"

Shut up. We spent another half hour whipping spells back and fourth (No pun intended) and the final battle, Elijah StormHeart, Sierra Mist and I won! Woo-hoo!

OK, something I noticed when Sirens was casted was, they are the ugliest mermaid I have ever seen. They all look mad and have HUGE eyebrows and horrible lips and huge hair! I mean look to my right, she looks horrible, don't you agree. If you do agree, which one do you think is the ugliest? Tell me in the comments section below!


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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Party today at 3PM Eastern time! Party favors, anyone?

Party? WHAT PARTY? ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ASKING THAT! Birthday party, duh. But not just any birthday party, its THE party, the BELATED birthday party!
"Whats in it for me?"
Well, maybe a special crowns items and stuff like that, you know. Maybe a contest (Most party spirit) something  like that...


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mason opens up the doors to Marlybone, Happy Belated Birthday party!

Assistants fellow bonjour!

Mason Opens Up the Doors to Marlybone
Mason beat Krokotopia, and spent a lot of crowns while doing it. Yeah, I got some crowns, and I bought some Krokotopia crowns gear, for him, and future characters. So, back to Krokopatra. I had a struggle (again) with the last few areas. The family tombs, no side quests done, to hard. Ah, that wonderful moment when your lazy, and tired of questing- thats Vanessa for you! Is that you too? Hopefully I'm not alone. So, I started to quest in the Krokosphinx, that was easy- and fun! Then I got the quest for the Vault of Ice- struggled with mana, and then beat The Emperors Retreat. Then I moved to the Tomb of Storms, the quickest in my opinion. I had some struggle with this place too, with the bosses- wanted a partner for help with most of them, mana and health problems, etc. etc. etc. So, when I finished the main quests, I needed to level up one level to wear the Marlybone crowns gear, so I took some side quests- even some from Marlybone's Mayor. So I dinged level 25 and bought my gear! Lets see the awesomeness!!!


Happy Belated Birthday Party!

Yes, birthday party!!
Uh, sure?

But wasn't my birthday on the 23rd last year? Yes, but I was just away- not able to celebrate with my fellow wizards! So now I am going to have a Belated Birthday Party!

Belated: Having been delayed: done or sent to late.

So lets see the times:

Till' next time
Happy Wizarding!