Saturday, October 1, 2011

Finished House, Drawing Requests, Hello October!

Last week I was asked to join the faculty of  Goodstrang Academy. I am only a student in another school.....OF COURSE I'LL BECOME A TEACHER :D! They sent me a broom to ride (Cortices of Madame Looch).
When I first came in I saw an arrangement or trees and flower patches.

My compliments to the gardener ;)
 Uhhhhh....Bathroom center? Give them a dime and they'll make you a hole!

 Oh cool the first class! Uh, where's the teacher? O: Maybe its me :D!!

 Is that Madame Looch? I like her outfit; Snazzy.
 The Schools Magic source??!! All four seasons in one tree! Unlimited watering supply ;D

 Wow! Sign up sheet, bar, tips and bleachers!
 Tips and Weapons. Maybe you'll be nice enough to donate your favorite weapons and trophies!
 Swimming and PvP? ~Awesome!~

 Headmaster Sentimental's office. He can never rearrange the furnishings
 Charms Class, with Professor Periwinkle, everyone's favorite teacher according to his mug.
 A deserted library. Stupid old headmaster forgot to tell the new one about it.
 Divination Class! Seeing into the future, not storm. I can't believe they don't teach storm magic here....

 New library, I suppose?
 Wow! Nice dorm rooms. By the boardgames I say this is the boys dorm.
 Girls dorm? Hmm Mmmm.

 The Great Hall!
Wait, where's my chair?

No-No-Ma-Madne-MADNESS!!! .............Whew..It was just a dream


You might know this but I LOVE to draw. I've drawn lots of people and  things! Here are some examples.
The Spiral Piggle
We all love them, Pig and Ninja

Cassandra IceMancer, best friend

The arch enemy of Pig and Ninja, SUIT AND BUNNY!

Pig and Ninja drawing

Pig and Ninja comic.

My character, inspired by a fan art I saw once. Bleeped out my Signature.
I can draw any type of these for you if you want!

Helllllllooooooo October! Spooky bob is starting up his broom and packing up all your favorite knick knacks and costumes you might want to be. Maybe this year you would like to be Pig :D? Or ninja :D? Or a ScareCrow, a witch, a skeleton, you might even want to be Spooky Bob for Halloween! He can set you up with all your Halloween needs!

Not only is Spooky Bob in town but so are the Jacks! The family of Jacks are in every instance (Except Sunken City, Nightside, Haunted/dark cave, and I THINK Golem Court) in Wizard City ready to give you quests!

If you want a Halloween challenge you can head on over to the death school site where three towers stand, ready to defeat any wizard who is brave enough to venture into those dark forbidden halls. These towers drop great loot and housing items for any wizard in need of a unique decoration. You might be lucky enough to get the rare Marlybone Camping tent, to store any other loot you may of won, or just go camping!

Happy 'HOLLOW'ween!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!


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