Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hullo Fellow Wizards!!
I have had quite a break from blogging! And I am announcing. That break will continue! I've been to busy lately to post and I barely have time to post right now!

No, this is not about the Tragedy of the Blogosphere (Friendly's break) Or about you guys! I am not quiting, I am still in the spiral, and I have time to Tweet allot! So if you want more ME go to my Twitter page!
Thanks for understanding!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy B-day Cassandra!

Today is a special day in the spiral...... The day..... Cassandra IceMancer a lvl 60 Thaumaturge was born!
No, not the day she poofed into the spiral next to ambrose and almost was a victim of assult by Malistaire's henchman!
Well lets see what she really is instead of my best friend!
Cass is....
  • An epic friend
  • Comedian ;)
  • She's always cheerful on wizards
  • Is always there for you (Not when your doing Astraeus in Trial of Spheres though)
  • Random!
  • I would say my best friend but as I said earlier I said 'Instead of my best friend' XD
Yes Cass is epic.
Lets name some of Cassandra's favorite words and faces....
  • Most used face: :3
  • Favorite phrase: *win*
  • Favorite boss that has a name you can make fun of: Oyotomi (Oh-Yo-Tommy!)
Lets see what Cass looks like...... In color pencil form!

    Isn't the 'M' pretty!
:D Happy birthday Cass!

Till next time

    Monday, April 4, 2011

    That looks....**Sniff** Beautiful :)

    If you haven't read the producers letter then you DON'T they released more Wintertusk epicness!
    Here are the main Highlights!!

    "With Celestia, we gave you some visually super cool epic spells, and now we’re adding more toys for your arsenal."

    Toys?! Oh my gosh we're getting toys! (Yes, I do know what toys she is talking about)

    "Your Wizard will be able to “upgrade” one existing spell and will get something new."

     Not my favorite sentence......... I like the idea. But I won't upgrade it! I like my spells the way they are :)

    "With many of the new additions to the game this update, we want to make sure Wizards already at Legendary status have a meaningful way to increase their powers."


    "Balance Wizards, we found some ancient and powerful magic to provide you a new, shiny, and more powerful healing over time spell! Storm Wizards, you’ll find some awesome damage at your disposal, but with great capability comes great danger."

    Hooray for storm and balance! We got ourselves a hint!

    "These challenges will be presented to our most powerful Wizards."

    Could this mean lvl 1-30's can't come to Wintertusk? Hmmm......??

    "You won’t have to wait too long to find out, get ready to explore our newly expanded Crab Alley! It will be right up your alley if your Wizard is around level 10-15."

    Cool! They're expanding it, and letting mere adepts go to the Crab King!
    And finally her ending hint....

    "My next letter should be full of juicy gossip!"

    Cool! Can't wait until May!

    Till next time
    Happy Wizarding!

    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    The Tale of Pig and Ninja

    Heya Wizards!

    Once upon a time I got the ninja pig outfit and Cassandra (IceMancer) bought a ninja outfit!
    In the mist..........

     So when I got it I went a helped her quest in Stormriven! While battling some death dudes she started to tell me a story called 'The Tale of Pig & Ninja'
    Now let me remind you, I got the pig costume 2 months ago so I barely remember the story (Though I remember we were the royal family in Jade Palace or something) And so we started to bring it back ALLOT! Cass changed her ninja outfit and I......... well..... whats to change?!
    We bought a room in Tabitha's hotel, (Check out her blog 'A Icey Life') found badges to display, made a modo: 'Pig: I'm Pig!   Ninja: And I'm Ninja!    Pig: And together we are!     Both: PIG AND NINJA!    
    Pig: Epic ninja jump time!!' and I drew a picture of us!

    I love playing Pig & Ninja!
    Go buy a Baconator costume and make your best friend dress as a ninja!
    Make Pig & Ninja spiral-wide!

    Till next time!
    Happy Wizarding!

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    The new pet rock!

    Look at this cutie-pie!
    This is the special spiral update!
    Its amazing! Its so cute! You actually have to take care of it! Keeping it clean, feeding it! Its so funny! It hops along with you! Its available for a limited time only in the crowns shop for the low price of 2900 crowns!
    It gives the fortify spell! I consider you getting it before this exclusive offer goes away!

    Till next time
    Happy Wizarding!