Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Tale of Pig and Ninja

Heya Wizards!

Once upon a time I got the ninja pig outfit and Cassandra (IceMancer) bought a ninja outfit!

In the mist..........

 So when I got it I went a helped her quest in Stormriven! While battling some death dudes she started to tell me a story called 'The Tale of Pig & Ninja'
Now let me remind you, I got the pig costume 2 months ago so I barely remember the story (Though I remember we were the royal family in Jade Palace or something) And so we started to bring it back ALLOT! Cass changed her ninja outfit and I......... well..... whats to change?!
We bought a room in Tabitha's hotel, (Check out her blog 'A Icey Life') found badges to display, made a modo: 'Pig: I'm Pig!   Ninja: And I'm Ninja!    Pig: And together we are!     Both: PIG AND NINJA!    
Pig: Epic ninja jump time!!' and I drew a picture of us!

I love playing Pig & Ninja!
Go buy a Baconator costume and make your best friend dress as a ninja!
Make Pig & Ninja spiral-wide!

Till next time!
Happy Wizarding!


  1. lol funny
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  2. Ninja (a.k.a. Cassy)April 3, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    XD Royal family? You remember that? I don't XD Was it in Stormriven? XD I thought you were like to me "Hey, do you still have the Ninja outfit? From pig and ninja?" and I was like "no... but I'll buy it..." and then... oh yeah... you were helping me in Stormriven... and I told a story... and then like a couple weeks later... I went to Tabby's house and then you ported and then we got a room at a hotel and then Cat ported and got mad at me for having a weapon.... and then she set our room on fire, right? But first she took my cat.