Monday, May 30, 2011

"Your gear is overrated!"-The Friendly Necromancer

Holo, fellow muchachas and or mochachos!
I have an infamous quote today, "Wizard City, your gear is overrated!"-The Friendly Necro
Yes, you heard it right! Kayla EmeraldGlade, no longer a novice, defeated Wizard the nuuuuuudddeee!

Rockin' the new badge!
 I also have news to share, Kayla, my diviner, was deleted at Firecat Ally, because I realized that storm accuracy is from clothes and I fizzled to much XD! So I made a new Kayla who is an amazing Necromancer *Insert boasting here*. Here is her current stats
Look at that! *Sniff* She's getting some natural power pip chance! *Whips eyes with a pocket hanky* I'm so proud of you K-K-K-KAYLA!

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


So what has your diviner been up to? Making nooblets thats what I've been up too! I've made death ones, life ones, myth ones...all deleted. Expelled their first day at Ravenwood. Until Kayla was excepted. Kayla is currently a level 5 storm wizard that likes to spend her the nuuuddeeee!

And since she enjoys being nude-ish she will stay like that.....for-ever. She is waddling around town with nothing more than a starter wand and a starter deck, because as Angus, her hero, once said "Fear my lack of responsibility to wear new clothes! Angus don't care none"-The Friendly Necromancer. She will not stop at Stop&Shop (The Bazaar) this time, Merlin!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Will I get Sultan's palace?

No (lol).
I won't! Yes, it is awesome! Yes it is huge! Yes it is amazing and creative! But I won't get it, because of these reasons

  1. They will go out of style in a day
  2. Someone said (Forgive me for not knowing their name), that he/she thought that there would be a huge gift card house for each world. So if anything, I'm waiting for the Marlybone home!
  3. There might be a new one in the future!
  4. I have 100 friends, meaning 100 genies! ;)
So does that mean you shouldn't? HECK NO! That house is amazing, I even had a dream that gave me the greatest idea as a player! That house has genies, gifts, treasures, hallways, thrones, secret passage ways EVERTHING a wizard could want! I especially loved what Paige MoonShade did with part of her gold room.....

From Paige MoonShade's house
 Thats amazing! I love the crane! What I liked in the gold room was those huge steps leading down, and the Oni and cow statue! I think its so funny that in the commercial thought that this HOUSE was a world! Thats just how big it is! Kingsisle, your doing GREAT!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Snacks have feelings to ya know!

I was walking around and saw a poor little firecat sitting on a mushroom, and he was crying. So I said "Whats wrong little firecat?" and he said "I can no longer supply my family with baby carrots!" And I said "Then go to Farly, and buy seeds, grow your own carrots if you please! Once you harvest you'll get your snack, a tasty baby carrot, or just buy a mega snack pack!"

Lets talk snacks! So we now know the relationship of plants and snacks, from that little rhyming story!
Although we know that there isn't a Cyrus Drake Flakes plant, but there are other things that match! For example, Baby carrots and Baby carrots, one is a plant and one is a snack. Today, (On my right) at the bazaar I learned some snacks are NO AUCTION? Well that's what my screen said! Snacks have their own relationships with the game! Its not something you give your pet when he did a good job (Kinda like when a Kindagarten teacher gives you a cracker or gold star if you answer correctly)!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Friday, May 20, 2011

*Insert court room music* The winner......

*Insert court room music here*
And the winner of the "Do you know me?" Contest is......

Glitter Text Generator

Logan, will get a $10.00 W101 gift card coming with a nice piece of bacon and- *Ahem* Sorry I mean't a nice new ninja pig pet! So you may be saying.."What were those answers?" Or maybe "Ugh! Dangit!" But lets reply to the first one.

  1. My favorite Wizard101 superhero, or character is...who else....Halston Balestrom!
  2. This one only some of you first viewers knew this one, it was a prize for a MFP card, but something went wrong and well....hehe I deleted the post....
  3. The first person I drew was a fellow storm wizard, Alexis RoseFlame!
  4. My FIRST life alt was name Autumn Whisper! (No it wasn't Leesha SeaGlade)
Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What ever happened to this little buddy?

I've been having a good time in the blogosphere and of course, the spiral! So I came across a blog that had a picture of the squid mount. And I thought..."Huh? What ever happened to him!"....I think we've all wondered that! If your wondering "What squid mount?!" I'm talking about this guy

Hmm...I'm really curious about this. He never made it live (Or on test) Maybe they couldnt create him in time, or maybe they're making it right now! I wonder when we'll see in the future! Is their another underwater world coming our way? What do you think?
Maybe.....he got found his way back to his mother in Stormriven Hall! Or maybe....he got hit by a Marlybonian submarine! Or maybe........its a Bahama's octopus and not a Celestian octopus! Ooohh the possibilities!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well I wasn't expecting that!

Well, the mystery composer is revealed! I wasn't expecting this! This is reeaaalllyyy hard to take in....Lets see,

Thats right! Nick Jonas! I didn't know he was on SNL (Saturday Night Live)!
Also, WinterTusk has gone live! I can't wait to go see all the things Kingsisle has added on! I saw the ending on Wintertusk...I can't wait to go there! I need to turn on my computer and wait for it to patch!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Do you know me?" Contest!

So, do you know me?
Test your skills in this contest to win a $10.00 Wizard101 gift card! Now don't think its a little actually have to do something! The contest is to ask these questions.....

What is the name of my favorite Wizard101 superhero's?

What was the prize for the first contest I held?

Who was the first person I drew? (Besides me)

Whats was the name of my FIRST life wizard

So do you know? Here are the rules!

  1. Please only email me ( any entries in comments will not be posted nor accepted
  2. If you don't know try your best! Dont just type '??'
  3. Don't answer with inappropriate language
Now before you start saying "First I said huh!? Then I said what!?" I want to explain that you can find all these answers in my past posts! There will be runner ups and the prize is yet to be decided! 
Try your best!!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I feel accomplished!

Heya, wizards!
Happy Mother's Day! I hope you remembered to get her some donuts and a nice toasty breakfast!
Malistaire and his wife are celebrating! There are allot of Drakes in the spiral (Ian Drake, Miranda Drake, Nora Drake, Vanessa Drake etc.) Speaking of Malistaire I killed him hard! Ever since I was in Firecat Ally I wanted to solo Malistaire....and yesterday morning...I felt accomplished!

I guess I forgot to show I'm alone....maybe I will do a livestream run.....Hmmm??
Lets tell you the details...
  • That drake riding was AWESOME! (As always)
  • I died three times until I finally defeated him
  • The second time I died he had 1320 health!!!!
  • I killed him with a crit-filled Leviathan!
So, I think I will do a livestream run sometime!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hellooooo :3
I'm Cassandra IceMancer! Huzzah! Remember, it was my birthday on April 6th. So. Van hasn't been posting, so she's okay with it. This is why I'm posting.
Me: "should I start a blog? ROFL"

Note: I don't capitalize when I don't have to, lolz!

Van: "you can join my blog XD"

The conversation took longer than that. That's just a summary. But whatevaaaaaaaaaa XD Then Van used a glitch to fly. We went to the top of her MFP. It was fun. So now, we are farming the Jade Oni while I am half afk making this post. Huzzah.
I should really do my homework.
But I won't.
I'm just awesome that way.