Thursday, June 30, 2011

So long, farewell! I hate you say goodbye! For a week.

I have been busy crafting mannequins, furniture, starfish, anything that I need for my blogiversary house! But, now I must stop. And rest. For tomorrow, July 1st, I will be leaving to go on vacation. Twelve hours in a car, with two crazy cousins.

These 4 days have been a rush! I have decorated, torn apart, and redecorated the outside of my MFP! Then found themes and deocorated again! Some themes outside are credited to Cody RavenThorn for his under the arena fort. One theme inside is credited to John LifeGlen for his buy diving gear, then dive under area. Another theme inside is credited to Cassandra IceMancer, for making the storyline of Pig and Ninja. Just needed to give some credit to those who had the ideas! I would take pictures of these areas but I am on a different computer, later I might edit this post to add the pictures, so keep your eyes peeled!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

KRAKin' Eggs! AH-HA-HA-HA!

With a totally cool pet! She was named Queen Cody then Cocoa then Queen Cody again, she acts pretty....FISHY! :D? And is purple! Who else then- Queen Cody the Kraken! Thats right! This Diviner finally got her Kraken! That grendel boss was pretty nasty (Shoutout to Rose the life henchman for healing me!)! I've been in love with how much Queen Cody pwns! She gives me mana to show her love (38 Mana :D)! Here is a comic about fighting over who is awesomer!
Very Stupid. Hehehe....
 Yes, she pwned me. I really do think he is allergic to air, cause when he is in the water, HE AIN'T SNEEZINING! Paige MoonShade's nephew says he is homesick from the water. Which is a good guess! So far I have heard 2 guesses (Mine and his.).  Though I love my Cody. He is nice. But other times he imitates our weird victory tap dance. And his spell has 40% accuracy! Ah, I don't think I will hatch him.
I can't afford to buy another pair of tap shoes for his kid!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Art thy year over yet? BLOGIVERSARY!!!

Romeo, ohhh Romeo what is thy date? Well, uh, what is it? Oh, Juliet, today isn't that important, but you should remember that on JULY 22nd *Hint hint* is The Diviners Lane blogiversary!

Ahoy, friends!
Did you keep your noses clean *Yes*? Good! Lets begin! Did you hear my performance? Cool wasn't it! And its true! On July 22nd its my blogiversary! The awesome day wehere I made a terrible first post that I had to take some stuff out of o. o. I wish I could redo that post. Anywho, I will be having the party at my MFP that I sort of decorated to block all entrances and exits. It looks great to me! I;ve working....kind of hard on it but it still looks great! Here is me jumping!
Total High School Musical...
 Yes, yes you should go and find your party hats! Dig through that bank now (Well maybe after you read the post)!! So you must've heard about the Ravenwood Ball, right? Well, yes I am going! I am wearing something my friend use to wear, Tabitha. Though I kinda stormified it. She was ice. For some reason I build the best relationships with ice wizards. Cassandra, Justin, Tabitha, Jasmine. Anyway so you must be wondering what I was wearing? *No*. Well here it is!

I wonder what Bartleby thinks of my tap dancing awesomeness?
 Stormy feathers, formal, stormy ruffly boots! I wonder what house I will be in, I want to be in a CL Oberveratory!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

EDIT** I forgot the times.
Pickup: Storm School
Realm: Torrence
Area: 1 (Duh)
Time: Undecided

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ooohhh, you know! This is just a little update!

Hullo fellow classmates!
I've been away finishing some end of the year leyden labs for Professor Balestrom so I couldn't make time to say corny jokes with you guys! I've been slowly making progress with K-k-k-Kayla. She is only in the Krokosphinx, and I've been enjoying a lot of time on Vanessa. Vanessa hasn't achieved anything lately ;).

So you may of all heard of the new Dragon's Hoard pack, right? Of course you did! 399 Crowns to get 6 amazing items, even the chance to win the Bone Dragon mount! I gotta say it wasn't "Ultra-Rare" for me, due to the fact I got it my first try (Look at a few tweets back)! Though after my first I couldn't stop! Seriously this stuff is so addicting, KI got big cash from this! Here's a list of the big things I got!
  • 2 Sea Dragons. Pedigree: 72
  • 1 Bone Dragon
  • 2 Robes
  • 3 Hats
  • 2 Boots
  • 1 Wand
  • 1 Utility dragon
  • 1 Vigilant dragon
I've been having a great time with this pack! I really wanna see another that's Pig themed...Pig would love that. Speaking of Pig and Ninja they've met rivals, **Turns on dramatic Star Wars music** meet; SUIT AND BUNNY!!

Pig & Ninja need to battle in war to see who will get onto the header! Pig has super weight skills! And Ninja has super quick speed and a long daring blade! But Suit has a portfolio that weighs a ton! And Bunny has a basket of furious gumdrops! Who will win? The battle will begin... FO' BACONIA!

To finish off this magical post I will show you a new drawing of Vanessa, inspired by a wizards fan art that was sent into Kingsisle. It was my favorite so I drew it and Van-afied it, so here is the finished copy!

Had to "Censor" out my signature
 Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

K-k-k-Kayla finishes EVERY Wizard City quest! (Ex-except-may-maybe just one..)

Ahola Effendi's!
Today, K-k-k-Kayla finished EVERY Wizard City quest! Except one. Sunken City. I'll do that later! Right she is doing great with no clothes! You forget she the nuuuuuddddeeee...sometimes. K-k-k-Kayla has no quests in her book except, talk to Professor Winthrop in the Altar of Kings, talk to Wul'Yahm and defeat Grubb in Sunken City!

Hehe....look at the sleeping dragon part

Level 15!! And look! **Sniffle** Three more power pip percentage! **Breaks out in tears**

 Thats how awesome I am! I'm trying to get as high as I can for each world so I can battle things without a lot of trouble. Its been going as good as a firecat in the summer time! Oh yeah! Its summer! AHHHH!! Now all you wizards are probably in your dorms in front of the A.C.. Thats sounds like a good idea....

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!