Thursday, June 2, 2011

K-k-k-Kayla finishes EVERY Wizard City quest! (Ex-except-may-maybe just one..)

Ahola Effendi's!
Today, K-k-k-Kayla finished EVERY Wizard City quest! Except one. Sunken City. I'll do that later! Right she is doing great with no clothes! You forget she the nuuuuuddddeeee...sometimes. K-k-k-Kayla has no quests in her book except, talk to Professor Winthrop in the Altar of Kings, talk to Wul'Yahm and defeat Grubb in Sunken City!

Hehe....look at the sleeping dragon part

Level 15!! And look! **Sniffle** Three more power pip percentage! **Breaks out in tears**

 Thats how awesome I am! I'm trying to get as high as I can for each world so I can battle things without a lot of trouble. Its been going as good as a firecat in the summer time! Oh yeah! Its summer! AHHHH!! Now all you wizards are probably in your dorms in front of the A.C.. Thats sounds like a good idea....

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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