Monday, May 30, 2011

"Your gear is overrated!"-The Friendly Necromancer

Holo, fellow muchachas and or mochachos!
I have an infamous quote today, "Wizard City, your gear is overrated!"-The Friendly Necro
Yes, you heard it right! Kayla EmeraldGlade, no longer a novice, defeated Wizard the nuuuuuudddeee!

Rockin' the new badge!
 I also have news to share, Kayla, my diviner, was deleted at Firecat Ally, because I realized that storm accuracy is from clothes and I fizzled to much XD! So I made a new Kayla who is an amazing Necromancer *Insert boasting here*. Here is her current stats
Look at that! *Sniff* She's getting some natural power pip chance! *Whips eyes with a pocket hanky* I'm so proud of you K-K-K-KAYLA!

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!

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  1. Hey, Vanessa! Heroic Pyromancer here! xwaves handx I added you onto my blog roll. Can you add mine onto yours please? Thanks-Thunderblade
    P.S. I followed your blog