Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mason opens up the doors to Marlybone, Happy Belated Birthday party!

Assistants fellow bonjour!

Mason Opens Up the Doors to Marlybone
Mason beat Krokotopia, and spent a lot of crowns while doing it. Yeah, I got some crowns, and I bought some Krokotopia crowns gear, for him, and future characters. So, back to Krokopatra. I had a struggle (again) with the last few areas. The family tombs, no side quests done, to hard. Ah, that wonderful moment when your lazy, and tired of questing- thats Vanessa for you! Is that you too? Hopefully I'm not alone. So, I started to quest in the Krokosphinx, that was easy- and fun! Then I got the quest for the Vault of Ice- struggled with mana, and then beat The Emperors Retreat. Then I moved to the Tomb of Storms, the quickest in my opinion. I had some struggle with this place too, with the bosses- wanted a partner for help with most of them, mana and health problems, etc. etc. etc. So, when I finished the main quests, I needed to level up one level to wear the Marlybone crowns gear, so I took some side quests- even some from Marlybone's Mayor. So I dinged level 25 and bought my gear! Lets see the awesomeness!!!


Happy Belated Birthday Party!

Yes, birthday party!!
Uh, sure?

But wasn't my birthday on the 23rd last year? Yes, but I was just away- not able to celebrate with my fellow wizards! So now I am going to have a Belated Birthday Party!

Belated: Having been delayed: done or sent to late.

So lets see the times:

Till' next time
Happy Wizarding!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Destination of Vanessa EmeraldGlade IV

All of the teachers words were just "Blah blah blahs" to me as I worried about how everything here would turn out. I mean, people now think I’m a wanna-be from a planet I bet they never heard of since they obviously think everyone believes in magic. Maybe this is just how they all act, except for Eva, Jessie and Mason. Eh, at least I have them.
The bell rang, but I just sank into my chair, trying to hide from all the other students. I didn't notice I was sinking off my chair and I fell of the floor. I few people laughed and continued out of the classroom. I squirmed a little and got up and rushed from the class.

I made my way over to our dorm room. In our mailbox was a letter addressed to me. Maybe it's my mom. I grabbed it from the mailbox and ripped it open.

Dear Vanessa,

I need you, Catherine, Rocka and Jessica
to my office in The Commons. Please come
as soon as you get this, it's very important.
Thank you.

Headmaster Ambrose

I unlocked the door and looked if anyone was in there. By the looks of it, no one was in there, until I say a book. Jessie.

"Jessica?" I asked

"Oh, hello! How was your first lesson?" She asked putting down here book

"Uh," I said thinking about the embarrassment "Nevermind that, I got a letter from the Ambrose that we need to go to his office with Catherine and Eva. Can you help me find them?"

"Oh sure! Eva is in school right now and Catherine is probably waiting for Mason outside the life school. I go get her, you get Eva" She said

"OK" I replied. We both split both ways- she went left and I went right. I passed the storm school and went to the ice schools doors. The building was the same as the storm school except the lightning engravings were icicles. I pushed open the door and walked into the middle of a lesson.

"Excuse me?" I said looking for the teacher

"Over here!" squeaked a tiny little fairy with blue hair, clothes and wings. She looked like my grandma... "Can I help you with something, my dear?"

"Yes," I showed her the letter from the Headmaster "I need Rocka"

She read the letter and then spoke "Oh my, it's time! Good luck!" She squeked

"Uhh.. OK. Come on Eva" I said

She scrambled for her books and hopped over a few chairs and walked out of the classroom with me

"What do we need to do?" She asked

"I don't know, I got a letter earlier that the Headmaster needs Catherine, Jessy, you and I" I explained

"Then where's Catherine?" She asked

"Jessie is getting her... She probably wouldn't listen to me" I said

"Oh, OK" Said Eva. Just then we saw Jessie and Catherine walking over to us

"But I still can go on my picnic with Mason, right?" Asked Catherine

Jessie looked over at her rolling her eyes "Sure. Vanessa, should we go to him now?"

"Yeah" I replied

We walked through the tunnel and into the Commons. The Commons was bustling with students, even more than Ravenwood! Some adults were walking around but the majority of the citizens were probably children. We walked through the gates to Merle Ambrose's house and hopped up the steps and opened the door. The room was really messy with stacks of paper and books, red wallpaper, an engraved desk with potion flasks and enrollment forms, bookshelfs that were holding more than they could carry, and a portrait of the headmaster on the back wall.

"Ah, girls, you made it! I have an important quest for you four. I need you to travel to Krokotopia" Said the Headmaster

"Uhh, Krokotopia?" I asked

"Ugh," said Catherine "does she not know about the other worlds of the spiral? I swear, I should have been chosen for the savior student... not this idiot" She complained

"Catherine just give up already.." Nudged Jessie

"Settle down girls. Vanessa, Krokotopia is another world of the spiral." Explained Ambrose "Malistaire, the former death teacher has traveled to Krokotopia in search of the Krokenamicon, a book the kroks wrote long ago that contains the power of life and death. If he finds it, there's no telling what he could do with that power. That’s where you guys come in, I need you to travel to Krokotopia and defeat Malistaire before he reached the Krokenomicon!" He told us

"Ok, so I just joined the school, and I now have to defeat a teacher that went evil?" I asked "And why did he turn evil anyway?"

"Malistaire became evil when his wife, Sylvia, the former life teacher died. He went into a deep depression and when he came out from his shell, he was furious. He disappeared and a day later, our death school was gone." Explained Ambrose

"OK, sooo what do we have to do?" Asked Eva

"Here," said Ambrose holding out a key "take it and go to Bartleby the Great Tree, tell him I sent you to him and he will tell you guys what to do"


We walked out of the building and too Ravenwood and came to Bartleby. Bartleby was an ancient overgrown tree in the center of the school’s campus. We had to yell his name a bit for him to hear us, and then he told us to go into his beard/mouth. Inside was beautiful greenery all aligned and tiny bits of light sneaking between his leaves. We took a step forward and he explained what we had to do

"Take the key to Krokotopia, and put it in the keyhole of the door that stands before you." He explained

We followed his directions and opened up the door. We walked through the doorway and appeared in a Egyptian type of building with statues of lizards and dented stone floors and walls. As we walked in a large lizard in an apron shrieked at the sight of us.

"P-please don't hurt me almighty wizard! Please!" He begged.

"OH MY GOSH!" Squealed Jessie "A MANDER!"

"A mander?" I asked

"Y-yes" said the 'Mander' "We are Manders, the original owners of Krokotopia!" He was kind of funny looking and reminded me of Dobby in Harry Potter.

"Oh, OK," I said "well, we aren't here to hurt you. We need to 'help' you I think?"

"Ugh, no" said Catherine "We're here to defeat Malistaire, not help these filthy peasants- I mean these wonderfully cultured beings."

Eva looked over at Catherine, then back to the mander “Have you seen a man with black nail polish, a big staff, black cloak and about twice the size of me?” She asked

“Actually, yes we manders did see a wizard come here earlier, along with those nosey Marlybonians! They’ve woken the kroks once more and we don’t know how to get rid of them!” Complained the mander

Jessie’s eyes grew big “WE CAN HELP YOU DEFEAT THEM!” She offered

“No we can’t!” Shouted Catherine replying to Jessie’s offering

“Really!” Said the mander with astonishment “Oh, thank you great wizard! You can ask one of the Marlybone officials what to do first, he’s just outside!”

“OK!” said Jessie skipping outside

“Well,” huffed Catherine “We better go follow her.”

“Thank you once again, wizard!” Called the mander “Good luck on your courageous journey!"

We walked outside into a deserty island. The was a large oasis in the middle and bridges connecting chunks of land together.

"Oh, there's one!" Pointed out Jessie. She was so excited, maybe because she has finally gotten to the lands she read about. We walked over to a large dog standing to two back legs and in a french soldier suit. He had excellent posture for a dog, all of them do.

"What ho!" Greeted the dog "Hello young wizards! Are you here for a field trip? Not the best time..."

"No, we're here to find Malistaire before he gets the krokonomican" I explained. He almost had a stroke when I said that, he started panting and breathing heavily, "Is-Is there a probably, sir?"

"Excuse you!" He said disgustingly

"What did I say?" I asked

"Malistaire?" Suggested Eva, though the official just shoke his head, continuing to hyperventalate

"No, idiots" said Catherine "She said krokonomican"

And then the dog fell to the sandy ground, passed out.

Happy Belated Birthday to me! (It was on Nov. 23rd)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Updates, aggiornamenti, Mises à jour, actualizaciones, 更新, Ōku no appudēto?

Hey Hey Hey (It's FAAAATT Albert!)
So you're probably wondering what those words say above me. Well they say: Updates, Updates, Updates, Updates, Updates, Updates much? In the languages that Wizard101 has expanded too.

Onto the topic for today... obviously, UPDATES! Let us see, first update, NEW HEADER! It's not to glorious or grand, but I like it that way. Simply and develops a sense of humor. Second update is, hold onto your seats...*Squeezes eyes shut*.....
Mason defeated the kroks! *Crowd Cheers*.....Of the pyramid. But that pyramid was hard! Usually its easy for me but this time my computer was having its "Moments" For example at the last dungeon (Throne Room of Fire) I was beating up the first guy and then, computer froze. Second attempt: power surge in the middle of the final battle. And then, it happened. Some dude came in the dungeon with me, and I beat it. After days of preparing, I DID IT!  "Days of preparing?" You ask? Yeah, hehe, I wanted to level up, get new gear, and learn the life minion spell. Yes, the dungeon shouldn't be that hard but that was after the first attempt! I hated that dungeon and I couldn't lose again! So I got all the money, leveled my self up, and did the life sprite quest which was, surprisingly easy, and kind of awkward.

Um, excuse me sir, I'm behind you.

*Hands a tissue* Yeah, cold and flu season, eh?
And I got my sprite out in the final battle and- POWER SURGE. I spent a minute saying NOOOOOOO!!
But after a while, I finally beat it and made a new friend, and so did Lucy!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Friday, November 11, 2011

What will you wish for?

So you might not know this but, today is 11.11.11 


Well, on these amazing days, at 11:11 PM on 11.11.11 you have to make a wish that you want to fulfill in your life! Maybe you want to wish for a sucessful career, a college scholarship, wishing to help army members (Happy Vets Day!)- or if your like me, getting six characters to level 70...

So go a make a wish and remember this short post!

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Destination of Vanessa EmeraldGlade Part III

I woke up to a banging on the door. When I opened it up- no one was there. But as I was closing it I heard a loud energetic voice call out "Wait!" Wondering where the voice came from I stepped out from the doorway and then tripped.

"Oh!" laughed a little plump frog in a purple formal "I'm sorry if I was a bit to small, I usually stand on my desk..." he explained.

"Oh, no, I'm sorry!" I said sticking out a hand "My name's Vanessa EmeraldGlade" He grabbed my hand and I pulled him up

"I know," he said "I am your teacher, Professor Balestrom! Do I need to give a summary of storm?" he asked

"Ohhhh nooo, no. I'm fine!" I replied

"Well, OK! Storm School starts at 10 o'clock! See you soon, Ms. EmeraldGlade!" he shouted as he made his way back a rainy brick building.

I closed the door and turned around to the sight of Catherine standing there with her arms crossed and hip standing out.

"You woke me up. Do you know how important today is?" She asked

"Um, no, I was talking to my new teacher" I said

"Well, today is the day Mason and I go to a private picnic on one of the Olde Town cliffs. So why did you wake me up!" She demanded

"I'm sorry if I did but I didn't mean too. I think you need to go back to sleep" I suggested

"I was until you-"

Suddenly Jessy banged her pillow, trying to make noise "Oh just shut up! Go back to sleep!" she shouted. That got her to stop. She just rolled her eyes and crawled under her covers. I grabbed my Timberland jacket off the hook, opened up the door and closed it.

I walked through the sparkling roads of Ravenwood Academy. I realized that it was a whole lot nicer than my old school. It was like a mini city here, filled with bustling students with folders containing magical papers and documents, flashing lights of students practicing spells in the corners or behind schools and chattery students talking amoungst themselves of every bench. Maybe even the accasional kiss was traded between the two. This place was truely magic, it was a perfect land- until I saw the real thing. The truth to the rumors people have been whispering through the small town- a gaping hole stood before me.

"Woah" I thought to myself. Suddenly a boy came up to me.

"Hey there! Are you the new student?" He asked.

"Yes, who are you?" I asked

"I'm Malorn AshThorn, an old death student, until the school was ripped from the school grounds." He replied

"Wait, the rumors WERE real?" I replied

"Yeah! One year ago Malistaire, the old death teacher, went crazy and disappeared. The day after- the school was gone. It's a mystery, really." He said "I use to be his top student in my mind, so if you want to ever learn some death spells, I can teach you some."

"Oh cool, thanks!" I said and continued on my way

"Hey Vanessa!" shouted a name from behind. I turned around and saw Mason

"Oh, hey" I said

"Why so bummed?" He asked

"I'm not! I'm feel fine!" I replied

"No, you are sad. You said 'Oh hey...' not like 'OH HEY!'" He said and put of a duffie face on

I laughed "I'm sorry, OH HEY MASON!"

"HULLO!" He said. We started to laugh a little bit. Everything was fine- until she walked over. Catherine started to strut down the path of Ravenwood, with a smirk on her face, ready to show how much she loaths me. It was funny to watch how everyone stopped and moved out of the way, I wouldn't be surprised if they all bent down on their knees and prayed they wouldn't be teased.

"Uh, I have to go, I'll see you later Vanessa!" He said rushed ahead and grabbing Catherine's arm and pulled her in the other direction. I think the person I like the most here is Mason, someone you can have fun with and drag away trouble. You could tell he was scared of Catherine. The way he makes nervous smiles and laughs with her and his shakey hands. He looks like a chihuawa getting sprayed with a water from a hose when he's around her.

I finally found came to the front of my school. It was a large brick building with some ingravings of lightning bolts on some walls. It had large wooden doors with a storm cloud plaque in the middle. I pushed open the doors and came to a magical classroom. A class that you could only dream of, oragami dolphins and walls jumped from textbook pages, just popping up and jumping into the next page. Students sitting on their desks and talking while making sparkles in the air with their wands, even some popular girls with makeup supplies enchanted to do the work for them. Chalkboards in the back of the room righting down the lessons as the teacher tries to climb up the bookshelf to reach something (I must remind you, he's a frog). I sat down at a desk in the corner, I always felt more comfortable in the back of the classroom. And pretended to look for something under my desk so no one would see the new girl. Finally the teacher must of found the book because he seemed to of been done climbing on the table and shouted

"Settle down! Rebecca, off the desk, settle down! OK class," he said. I knew what would happen next 'please welcome Vanessa' "I'd like to welcome a new Diviner to the class, Vanessa EmeraldGlade!"

"Hi Vanessa." They said. None of them seemed happy, how could they not? They're learning magic!

"Vanessa is from a different planet, that doesn't believe in magic." He said. He shouldn't on said that.

Someone raised their hand "Um, then why is she here." he said

"Well, the headmaster and the faculty decided we needed someone special to help us with something" He explained

"So you got someone with NO EXPERIENCE?" Shouted out a girl.

"Just forget it, now onto todays lesson...." He said

Everyone looked at me with disgusted faces. Maybe this school wasn't exactly a paradise...


Thank you Ethan for helping revisions in my last to chapters, please, continue!

Till next time
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