Sunday, November 13, 2011

Updates, aggiornamenti, Mises à jour, actualizaciones, 更新, Ōku no appudēto?

Hey Hey Hey (It's FAAAATT Albert!)
So you're probably wondering what those words say above me. Well they say: Updates, Updates, Updates, Updates, Updates, Updates much? In the languages that Wizard101 has expanded too.

Onto the topic for today... obviously, UPDATES! Let us see, first update, NEW HEADER! It's not to glorious or grand, but I like it that way. Simply and develops a sense of humor. Second update is, hold onto your seats...*Squeezes eyes shut*.....
Mason defeated the kroks! *Crowd Cheers*.....Of the pyramid. But that pyramid was hard! Usually its easy for me but this time my computer was having its "Moments" For example at the last dungeon (Throne Room of Fire) I was beating up the first guy and then, computer froze. Second attempt: power surge in the middle of the final battle. And then, it happened. Some dude came in the dungeon with me, and I beat it. After days of preparing, I DID IT!  "Days of preparing?" You ask? Yeah, hehe, I wanted to level up, get new gear, and learn the life minion spell. Yes, the dungeon shouldn't be that hard but that was after the first attempt! I hated that dungeon and I couldn't lose again! So I got all the money, leveled my self up, and did the life sprite quest which was, surprisingly easy, and kind of awkward.

Um, excuse me sir, I'm behind you.

*Hands a tissue* Yeah, cold and flu season, eh?
And I got my sprite out in the final battle and- POWER SURGE. I spent a minute saying NOOOOOOO!!
But after a while, I finally beat it and made a new friend, and so did Lucy!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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