Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Heya, Wizards!
So I know what your saying right now in your head..... 'First I said Huh! Then I said What??!!'
Well he's coming down the spiral swirl right now!!
(Hears a 'Weeeeeehhhhh!!!' coming from the sky)

Noobs like Hunter are so nice :)
That was the nicest conversation I ever heard in 1 year in the game :)
'Hi, there I Wolf'
'Hi I'm Jack'
Though I learned about 5 minutes later his name was Hunter XD!
But still he was really nice! I met another nice person too! Bailey SunCaster, I think! She was also nice!
Me and Bailey are best friends now (On Jack only)! Hunter isn't really a joke maker...... Bailey is nice and makes jokes! And says Lol, Brb, Gtg, Etc. so I'm really having a good time playing Jack! Its really bringing back the feel of what the game was originally going to be! A family friendly game! But then some people (Not trying to be like the 'Soooommmeee people' type of thing there) started to learn to go around Chat filters and cursed and dated (Even I dated once when I was a mere adept)
So I trying to take it slow on Jack! Cause I want nice people to stay for a long time and kinda study which level they change their actions at XD! Like when Hunter will start being crazy, and Bailey will start to Ignore me, and when Hunter will start making jokes......... I'm mainly studying Hunter XD!
:) I can't wait to get more art stuff! (Completely off topic)

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

You won't like me when I've angry...... Birds

As everyone is getting ready for the countdown to hit  a bunch of 0's I have been watching this again and again XD!
I need to get ready for those WinterTusk birds ;D
Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pek-A-Boo! I found you!

Oooohhh springtime in Dragonspyre :) Grusome, Ugly, Dragon mating season, Ahhhhhh....... Good land, Dragonspyre!
Well! I went to go visit the destroyed school of, Dragonspyre academy! And discovered something!
So you know how we all bumped heads wondering if they even taught life and balance our if it was just Storm, Myth, Ice, Fire, and Death. Well I finished bumping my head when I saw this while farming stone blocks
See that brick design? Look over at the ruins next to it!

See! The same brick design! You can see the life/balance schools walkway!

So after discovering this, I decided to bash the stone block farming to go and find more evidence that the life/balance school was there! I found some more things, Like.....

This one is harder to see, But you can see that they have like a little roof over head above the door. right?

See! Also right in front of the pathway!

And the final piece of evidence is that you can see that the trees are in this container,  well I looked by the death school and......
He's in a container!

Rubble blocks this countainer but This is where the life/balance tree would go!
 Now, go visit the final resting place of the life/balance school and see if you can find more evidence! Its really fun!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hair of a mask...

I've been really busy! As everyone else has been! I've been working on posts, Farming, Drawing, Playing Pig and Ninja with Cass, Leveling the teal haired diviner named Jack (None)(None), And the typical wizarding stuff! Well Also Good news! We have a timer!!
Is it.......
A epic april fools trick!!?!???!?!?!?
Or a a Um...... Steam car mount??? Or or.... A Guy selling some april fools thing?!?!?!???
Who knows! (Not counting the kingsisle workers)
Or maybe a epic new piggy haired boss!!!!?????

Ooohhh Harvest lord :)

Till next time

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Farming..... So annoying!!

I have been farming allot still!!
I have done so much and havent gotten this ONE hat!! Oh-Yo-Tommy just doesn't like me :(
Maybe I will give Leech the wand and she can try for it! Just watch her get it on her first try ;)

So we all have been freaking out about WinterTusk..... Not me! This is going pretty fast for Kingsisle! XD One second Celestia comes and then 5 months go by (Really quickly) And the announcement is made!
1 thing I don't get is that. Why would the crab king... Have a relation with a world like WinterTusk?
And why would Morganthe say something about a mirror? I think Morganthe might just be talking about the world after WinterTusk!
:D Predictions are coming in quickly! One thing is that they haven't said a lvl cap increase yet. Hmm?
Stuff to think about.....

'Till next time

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We had an Universal world, Fire world, Balance world, death world, a life world, and a storm world, Ice's turn!

Lets see....
GH and MS= Life
DS and I count MB=Death

Now! Kingsisle just released on MMROPG, MMO crunch, Ravenwood News, Etc. That the next big storyline world is going to be....


Yay! This will tie into the world of GrizzleHeim, and bring us back to Crab Allay to learn about the Crab King's life before he fell in love with Selena Gomez!

I only wonder.... How the heck does Wintertusk a Snowy cold wintry barbaric world.......
Attract Morganthe? Maybe she needs something there. Like how Malistare needed the krokenomicon. She might need some horn or some eyeglass or something? What do you think?

We are also getting our lvl 58 Pets!! :D!
I think....
Life is getting a cute little forest lord XD
Ice is getting a cute little......... um. Frost Giant that flies down at the ground!
Fire will get a Dragon? (Like the spell maybe)
Storm will get a Leviathan (It will fly up and down like the snake pets do sometimes)
Myth will get a... Dunno.  Medusa?
Death will be a skeletal dragon
Not very Eduacated guesses.... XD

Off WinterTusk update topic.

I decided that I will no longer say anything about Nicholas LionRider after this post. Last words of this post.
I on Amber's side officially against Nick (Still don't quit the game because of them Nick just delete the blogger friends)...   Sry I already deleted you Amber I: I will try and add you back! o. - !

Till next time

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ditto, New design, farming....

He went there and or is there right now!
I saw videos of him, In the car, testing, etc. And my favorite one was the testing one! He had the cutest little monster feet! And he was moving his hands all around and... UGH He was so cute! XD!

So do you like the new template?
I do! I need to edit some more but this is what it is so far!!
I love my header :D And the colors! I kinda got inspired by friendlys and did this!
I really love it right now! Its my favorite and Permanent/Needs adjusting Layout yet!
I might keep it!

So Cassandra, Justin, Paige, Scarlet and I have been farming more!
Oh-Yo-Tommy is getting kinda annoying though! He won't give me my hat!
But oh well, I least I'm getting money!

Till next time

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hi Cassandra!!

Hi XD!
Me and Cassandra have been doing some school designed outfit farming! We have mainly done

  • OakHeart (Oaky-Oak)
  • Oyotomi (Where's tommy? OH-YO-TOMMY!)
  • Meowiarty (Hairless cat! Ah Marlybone :) ......)
  • Crusher (For fun)
And thats whats we do the most!
I am changing things too!
  • The blog!
  • The time! (Something were we change the time foward one hour or something)
  • My outfit (SURPRISE!)
And remember Leesha? Hmm? I wonder what she has been up to!
  • Nothing in DS we stopped in...... Drake Hatchery. I gonna try and do some next weekend with Cass)
  • Designing yet again! Another life house!
  • Diddo
What have I been up to? Scroll back up to see!

Till next time

Friday, March 11, 2011

Is the red gobbler still avaible, Where is it? Megan TrollFlame

Megan TrollFlame's Question:

Hi Vanessa!
I read your blog everyday! I did ask Friendly this but I think I typed in his email wrong?? So I was in the Commons and I saw a girl with a pet that kinda looked like a circular monster with warts, and dangling tongue, and HUGE eyes! I asked her where she got it and she said from the crowns shop. It wasn't there when I looked! I tried to find her again but she left already. Where do you get a red gobbler now?

Thx, Bye!
Megan TrollFlame
Lvl 34 Pyromancer

Heya Megan!
Ty! XD
Well the red gobbler pet looks like this for all you people who are like "First I said Huh!? Then I said What!?"

He is Ugly.... But cute! :D!
So this little guy USE TO be in the crowns shop for the price of 6850 Crowns, with no card.... crazy huh?
He is cute cause of his Spiral famous, foot wave! :D!
He drops from Tumok GravelBeard in the Dragon's Maw in the Great Spyre (Malistaire's dungeon)
Tumok also drops 2 Other pets
Tumok Is a Pretty cool boss! The bad thing is he is like Stoker (Number 2) You get all the way there and then, you don't get it. Its kinda rare and I am not sure if it even drops from him anymore. I think so cause I got the Pale Maiden from Valdimeir DarkFlame earlier this week! So start farming.... I will be farming also, XD! He is just so cute! I want him to be in my house IRL and hop and toddle all around!

'Till next time

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why most EVERYONE be complaining!

Personally...... I am reading only The Friendly Necromancer for awhile... Cause each blog I go to its "I'm leaving" "WHY KI!" "SRSLY KINGSISLE!" and "Is using open chat really that bad?" (That one wasnt so bad not really a rant) Give them a break please. I blame the teens (15-19) And (4-10) usually they curse. But what makes me upset is that everyone gets made at them when they caused it by cursing. One dumb thing to say it "Give it back!! I need to curse!" That will get a one way ticket to ban-derism! Why cant we all live in the spiral with peace......... :)

Well.... *blink blink*

Till next time

Monday, March 7, 2011

Heya cousin Fallon XD

What time is it summer time! C-c-celebration! What time is it? Summer tttttttiiiimmmmeeee!!! I have that in my head! I blame Fallon............. Who ye think Goes by thee name of Fallon!?!??
My epic new cousin wizard playing wizards! She started playing when I went over to her house last Friday
2nd jack: Ooh so thats why you weren't here!
Me: Ya.....
Anyway She started playing (I went first ;D greedy old me!) and...... the most magical wizarding counsin moment happened..... Thy is declared a Diviner! Yay! Ya I have been doing some medieval project in school about their "Culture" That Still lasts today???? I guess in checkers or kings and queens But ????? Srsly!? I:. I was kinda sad though cause she has 3 computers but one is her dads WORK ONLY computer and her moms is "Easy to break" So we could only use hers :( No play time for me...
She made A list of her goals and gave it to me and said "Make me Famous" Then she smiled and held her head high XD So here it is.....

  • Craft Celestial Observatory & Watchtower Hall
  • Get to CL in 2 months With my help! :D
  • Win contests allot!
  • Become rich!
  • Make a successful job!
  • Become successful!
I told her you kinda cant be succesful in this game and she like "Ohh.... Put it on anyway! Haha"
These are her schools
  1. Storm
  2. Ice
  3. Life
  4. Sun
She told me she would drop out at different points.... Might work i: If she finds the cats ;)

Anyway As you Know (Maybe not) That Kingsisle made a change to the game were now only open chatter-boxes are allowed to use caps. Now I am open so I am fine! ;D But..... I sorta think it was a good change.... except I think they should let X be read but when you put the D then its yellow (X+D=XD) And : and D to be allowed (:+D= : D) But also never forget the famous Killing modo "DIE" (D+I+E=DIE) but other then thats its a GREAT change! Now you will barely notice then "I NEED A GIRL/BOY" In the commons or the "SHUT OP" in houses! Now you can just say "Your pathetic" in you mind and walk away! Cause you really CANT be serious when caps are off!

Till Next Time

Saturday, March 5, 2011

GoodBye friend......... AND HELLO NOOB!

May we have a moment of silence for Jack HexShard.......................................................................................................................................

What you thought he was dead???!!!! No Silly rabbit!
Lets just say..... I got him exspelled from Ravenwood School of Magical Arts!
I stole all his tradeable belongings! And Made Him visit his teacher one last time!

Very dramatic....... Cyrus was happy though......
So Lets go over accomplishments made on Jack.............

  1. Sucessed at making people believe he was my little brother (Until I told them once he turned lvl 30)
  2. Got to lvl 30
  3. Finished GH, MB, KT, and WC
  4. Got up to Kishibe village in Mooshu (Thats were he last quested :( )
  5. Met GREAT friends! (I lost them all now)
And thats all! :D!
Jack Hexshard was amazing!
But for all sad viewers DONT FEAR! A NEW JACK HEXSHARD..... IS HERE!

Aww Shucks! You didnt HAVE to say that Ambrose! :) **Blush
This Is
Jack HexShard
Lvl 1

Jack HexShard
Lvl 1-34
January 24 2010-March 5 2011

IVanessa's FlowerI

Till Next time

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wow...... I can make up for it!!!

I have been busy viewing the updates!! :D
XD BUT I can make up for it!
Cass and Sean have gotten the house and I asked them to do some things! Like.....


Rock climbing
(Expedition: Water mole mountain)

(Notice the fishehs underwater!)

Till next time