Friday, February 25, 2011

We Did ALLOT jk just a little!

Today, Me and Cass... Well here
  1. We lost a pvp
  2. We got to the drake hatchery
  3. I got lvl 40!
  4. I got to work on my "Grizzleheim keep" house!
  5. I got a fire hydrant for the dogbone adoption center in the Pet Sanctuary!
And today is a sad day......... :(
I leaving my grandma's house tomorrow and going back to ___ ____ my home :(

Anyway! I stopped playing! Since well I went on the branch swing and dad spazzed out the swing and I was spinning and flying into the air while standing up XD! It was fun though! Later We going to.... PIGGY'S ICE CREAM!
They have ice cream... Meachanical rides, Statues of cartoon people and random ones.. Etc.
We are going to A awesome pet store when you can HOLD THE PUPPIES! (As long as you use hand sanetizer each time you touch a puppy)... (WHICH! they supply)

Scary smiling Leesha above lava..... MOO HAHAHAHAH! (I still have that Mooshu Spirit!)

Till next time....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

We have done the rollarcoasters.... We have done the untrusted people..... Whats next?!?!?!?!?!

Me and cass have ran through the rollarcoasters of The tower of archives....... And all the peoplethat dont believe we good at battling and try to kill us with wisps...
Now we gets to go too............

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I love you guys.....

The scanner is on its way! Anyway Yesterday I've been on van...
For once I do her! (Leesha has over ruled my wizard life XD)
And well what do you think I did...... Farm and house!
:D Well Yesterday I was Farming gold quickly in bed and doing some housing for my GH house... I tore down my GH house awhile ago, Maybe a month, To make a GH themed house! :D
So I wont be on Leesha unless........ beggers come on...I will be in GH Saverstaad pass villages Wu realm sometimes seraph area one **Hint hint**

Till next time

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We have now reached...THE MAGICAL LAND OF GUMDROPS :D! JK!

Hey y'all!
I would like to say
me and cass...
Have reached....
The altitude lvl....
*Blank silence as the ghosts all walk around and all you see is Milos BookWyrm flippin' his air around flipping his arms around and jumping and cheering*
Anyway! We have pictures of proof!
There is cass jumping!:D Hapy day!
We finished Mooshu in 2 days but caculations of the time we worked is...... 14 HOURS! :D!
Anyway we took a break so no glowstick club tonight!

Till next time

We are almost there!

We are almost there! Yesterday me and Cass started mooshu on our alts!
Where are we now??? We Just Finished Shirataki Temple!
Sry No time to type ;D

Till next time

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Freddy is fun!

Howdy Y'all!!
Terrible sleep! Whenever I sleep in a different bed or place (except hotels) I wake up at like 2:00 and lie awake until 7:30! XD!
Anyway so Leesha is doing the Freddy nine lives quest to get regenerate!
He is so much fun! He gives expensive stuff to me! I have done him 2 times and will finish it today! :D!
:( I'm gonna miss him! Did you know Moolinda Wu had him as a student!?!?! I didn't know she taught cats!
Well another thing is :( I can't take pictures on this computer so ya..... XD

Till next time

Friday, February 18, 2011

Finished pet sanctuary!

That is correct! I finished it! :D! (Look at the sidebar!)
I am so happy! This sanctuary looks pretty amazing to me! I want you to explore more then just a slideshow so I am gonna do an explore party

Buses: under the waterfall in the commons
realm: Wu, back up realm is seraph
day: Monday the 21st
time: 8:00-10:00 eastern time

Any other info I missed? No.... Comment if I did miss some important info or if you cant make it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hmm.... I guess I do live near PAX east... XD I still not going!

So from ditto's blog it said its in boston! Just a 2 hour drive! I still not going!
Well anyway I have been doing some Jade Oni Farming!
1- I want that life robe for my Life character!
2- I was but can't anymore get some valentine stuff!

1-Getting the robe

So I ended up buying the Valentines stuff!
Here is Leesha! She is looking so good!

Yes! That is at my pet sanctuary! Speaking of so I should be finished either Tonight, tomorrow night, or Saturday!
I pray for tonight!

Till next time

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You must be saying WHAT THE HECK??!!! Right?
Today is Blue Tuesday! The day were all the Valentine's Day stuff are on sale!
All those awesome cards are like 50 cents today!
I haven't had much playing time! I been farming Jade Oni for some last minute drops!
:( I haven't gotten anything! I want the life robe too! XD You know whats crazy? Its that
I usually ALWAYS get the life robe but this time.... I am getting the stuff you NEVER get!
The ice hat!
The fire robe!
The death boots I didn't know he dropped!
The myth hat!
The storm sword!
Its crazy! Its getting kind off annoying......
EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!! My best CPU friend is leaving today! I gotta get on! BRB!

Hey look what I saw! There is a UNFAIR contest!
Its about biggest fan! But you have to come in person to PAX east... I dont live anywhere near that!
Hmm.... What have I made and done to make me a fan....

1. Play practically EVERY day!
2. Drawing through TWO drawing pads!
3. Making a blog!
4. Making 2 wizard101 collages!
5. Making my room Wizard101 themed!
6. Whin when I can't get on! (Not to KI though XD )
7. Appreciating them

And that is it! Yay I am getting on! (For an hour.. I have to go to CCD soon!)

Till next time

Monday, February 14, 2011

Guess what is my 4th favorite holiday? Valentine's DUH!

I looooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee (No pun intended) Valentines Day!!!
But Alas! Thou ye call Valentina HeartSong is leaving the spiral!
I got some stuff!
On my life char I got one of those like metal banged up (How is this a valentine wand!) Star shaped wand from the lipbalmmer krokopatra! She was rude!
And Vanessa Bought a BEAUTIFUL winged staff!!
I just gonna get a nice little cupig! But I like the Valentines pig better! You no the sleepy one with lighter color! That one!
I miss the feel of valentines day! The amazing time you have at school! The cheer! I cheap cards! I got some lollipops and root beer flavored candy! XD!
I made a picture that will stay on this computer to remind me of my 2nd fav CPU! My first is Pat'O Gold! She has an awesome shamrock taatoo on her cheek!
I love it!!!! Some of my friends can be hearing me say "x throws cheap card and some lollipops x HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!" when I get on!

So yesterday (Yes I am one of these people!) I went last minute shopping for some choclate turtles some cards (Not the cheap ones) Etc.! And I noticed.......They got AWESOME STUFF THIS YEAR!
I saw GIANT BIG maybe 5 feet tall cards! And the chocolate cases are covered in FABRIC! One had an awesome floral patterns and cushiony cases! Big balloons! They ballons are bigger then hmm........ well this is my head 

and this is the ballon
It was ~A~W~E~S~O~M~E~!
So you all should go out with people and play!
Give some roses NOT THE PLASTIC ONES!!!!!!
And yell
And be cheerful!!!!

Till next time

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We alts have made its to meh beloved world of.... Mooshi Mooshu!

Well Hey there!
I am back... Again?
Here to tell you that this afternoon... Me and Cassandra.... Have made it
To MOOSHU!!!!!!!!!!
*Japanese music plays and confetti flies and cheering is everywhere and cows are hugging and proposing*
*We raise hands a look at the sky and do the cheer emote!*
Here are some pictures!
First here is our winning victory in katz lab!

Lol he was faces the wrong way like he is having a prep talk with grunk!
Or as cass said "He's like...."I'm just gonna turn around a check off my clipboard while you kill me" lol"

Dancing waiting for lucas to turn on the power levers! XD

She spilled the milk and I got this awesome angle!

Us..... In the floor.... of his defeat!
I looked in the picture and saw the gold chest and I needed that!!!!

Well... I didnt get any Mooshu Pictures yet... We didnt even go there yet. Why!?!?! Because I have to go in 2 hours and I wanna have a day for full accomplishment! Plus she had to go to XD
This was our latest accomplishment! Finishing MB in 2 days!! I liked it for once!
Well... I have been busy! Buying boats and boxes for Narnia! Finishing Leesha's pet sanctuary! (I'm gonna toot my own horn and say the outside is so epic! better then paiges XD)
I will post a video soon!

Till next time

Dear Elizabeth Seacloud, (And I am not sure if thats were the comma goes)

Dear, (I think its this part)
Elizabeth SeaCloud!

Didn't I make her name look purrrddddyyy!!! (No Marlybone pun intended)

Yes I did delete you!
Because of a girl named... _______________ I will not say her name Because it might be rude
And Yes I no this is cheerful because I am happy!
But I deleted you cause those were the 3 cursed days of sadness, war, rebellion..... to dramatic
Instead it was the 3 days of me being sad, mad, cheerful at time, and once again PST!
So ya.....
Elizabeth I just want to let you no so you don't worry about our little twins... She is doing fine!
She did NOT get expelled and she is almost to Mooshu!
Just gotta do katzensteins lab wit cass this morning and the big ben and clocktowers junk!
Here is a weird picture of us getting beheaded by Lady Desane
Hehe! Me and Cass's alts!

So Elizabeth.... I was really pst at you for always thanking ________________
For stuff and never me...
Last night I begged my mom to read me a story and it was about Billy Bunny (My chilhood hero) and he was trying to find the magical butterfly! She read it cheerfully and did voices so today I am refreshed and happy~!
So you helped me recover to with the "Plz listen to me I was trying to make you upset! sry ____ this is all my fault!" Stuff and the "Loook at my blog one more time" Stuff.... I always laughed at it! It made me seem weird so I had a chuckle and giggle!
Well to all my friends I shall always be on Leesha Seaglade! *Hint Hint*
Or Leech as cass calls me!

Till next time
Happy Lady GaGa wizarding!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grrrrrr, stupid conscious!

Well the growling was because.................My.......... Stupid...... Brain wants me to go wit narnia! Sry peoples for putting you in some trouble (O. o If I did?)
Well the growling was also because...... I sold all my narnia stuff!!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets stop being a
Now.... I want you do look at pictures.... But I don't have any?!!!

By By!

Till next time

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hi-Ho-The-Cherry-o!!!! ITS BEEN AWHILE!

Apoligizes to my blog for neglecting you :(!
But I got some good things here today!!!
First off by saying I had to reastart the comic and its completely different!
Cant give anymore details on that! Well lets start off wit one thing I though was weird!
Ah yes! The book of secrets! Gave me all gems! I dont no how! I was trying to do it to get to citrine for fun and came wit this! I still got my citrine though ;D

 They should make these walls! pitch black?! (No super bowl pun intended)
:) Where did it go???? We don't no! :)
*elizabeth, jasmine, jennifer, justin, sean, and cass start booing*

Well that was jack's old header :( I canceled his blog though XD!

Another sad news..........
Narnia is canceled! I shall not do Narnia! Due to my love of The Hunger Games trilogy! I will make hunger games! I gonna set up a poll after this for what it should be

Book one
Book two

Book 3 is more....... not allot of action as i would want the house to be...... So thats not a option
and also

what house?
big mooshu house
dragons fjord
watchtower hall (plz say no I like how mine is :( )
small mooshu house

So i gonna put them up!

Till Next time