Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beware **Short Post**

Well, as the blog is now named "Jack's Thing"  and my real name is Jack, I wanted to finally make my main character a boy. I would of when I first joined, but I thought the faces were all angry, so I just made myself a girl.

Anyway, this new character is named Jack Cloud. Originally I was just going to name him Jack (None)(None), but then I saw cloud and I was like "OMG THAT IS EPIC"

Though, this is just a small post. Tomorrow's will be bigger, as I am probably finishing Wizard City so- Sorry.. I mean I think SUNDAYS post will be bigger, as I need to finish all side-quests too.

Sorry for the shortness.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jacks Thing (No Sexual Reference)

Wow, I am such a lying hypocrite.
What do you mean Vanes- Jack?
I said I wouldn't post for another two-three months... Well, that isn't the case, as something I never dreamed would happen, happened to me.

I am bored of Minecraft.

HOW? HOW CAN I BE? I am very mad at myself for being so mad that I would resort to a game I made fun of after I left. I am more mad I made fun of Wizard101.. though recently... it does suck. Not for everyone, just me. All the friends I grew up with on Wizard101 are gone.. I literally mean everyone. Tabitha is gone, Cassandra was leaving before I left, Jacob is gone, Justin left, Gabriel does nothing but garden... and not come on. Not even the people who I didn't like are on anymore!

This leads me to the conclusion... I am leaving the gaming comm- wait what? Hellllllllll no! I am just restarting everything. Yes.. I already did it.. Vanessa, Jack, Kayla... gone... and Mason too.

I am confused betw- wait I forgot to tell that was partially a joke. I kept Vanessa, because she has crowns and the Massive Fantasy Palace, which in the future will be an artifact in The Royal Museum. Though I am confused between just making a new BOY character on my original account, or if I should make a new account and pay with crowns.

Leading me to another annoying decision.. crowns or subscription?

Perks of Being a Subscriber:
120 Backpack Slots
Unlimited PVP
Crafting Timers Cool Down Twice as Fast
Friends List Expands To 120 People

The things I want is the backpack slots and the cool down time for crafting.. though... For a purchase of 60,000 crowns for $60 I can get the ENTIRE Malistaire storyline set of worlds..
If I wanted the Morganthe storyline it'd be around 30,000 crowns, but with the other extra worlds would cast me another 20,000... Here are my calculations.

Malistaire Prices:Wizard City GRAND TOTAL: 3750 Crowns
Krokotopia GRAND TOTAL: 11895 Crowns
Marleybone GRAND TOTAL: 12000 Crowns
Mooshu GRAND TOTAL: 10800 Crowns
DragonSpyre GRAND TOTAL: 10800 Crowns
Morganthe Prices:
Celestia GRAND TOTAL: 10170 Crowns
Zafaria GRAND TOTAL: 10170 Crowns
Avalon GRAND TOTAL: 10170 Crowns
Azteca GRAND TOTAL: 11970 Crowns
Extra Area Prices:Grizzleheim GRAND TOTAL: 9975 Crowns
Wintertusk GRAND TOTAL: 9975 Crowns
Wysteria GRAND TOTAL: 3000 Crowns

Of COURSE I'd only pay the 60,000 Crowns when they're on sale (Like now), so it'd overall cost me $120 for all the current worlds forever, plus an extra 7000 Crowns. So if I quit, or take a break like last time, I wouldn't be wasting half of my year-long subscription... so, please leave a comment on what I should do.


Friday, March 8, 2013

The Final Post (Possibly)

So... hi.
I haven't posted since- August I think. No- June. Reason? Minecraft.


I have betrayed you all! I told myself I'd never be seduced to the power of the blocks... though... it was too addicting. I am weak.

So I have decided I'll make this post, as a goodbye-ish thing, because I never really did. I might still post but that's like- once every three months.

So since leaving this blog I have fallen in love with Minecraft. Absolutely in love. Though, let's talk about real life. It sucks. People. Are. Assholes. They celebrate and live their lives in the wrong ways, and not wrong because I live mine differently but wrong because they live off other peoples pain. Pain they inflict on that person.

I've never had suicidal thoughts until this year. I never understood how people did that to themselves, but now, I do. I won't do it at the moment, so don't worry if you are, because that's really selfish, because taking my life would ruin my families. They'd live their lives, growing up, or older, with a son or brother who killed themselves when they were thirteen. So therefore, I won't ever do that.

That's about it.

See you in.. another... two-three months.