Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So, first off...... THANKS SO MUCH KINGSISLE! Here is another STORY TIME!
So after getting back from a hard hour at CCD (Ya, thats right I go to public schools) I was in the car when my mom notified me that Wizard101 emailed her saying that they would refund me, this ONE time! So I got my stuff back and got the shark taken away! :D! And the underline in ONE doesnt mean that its not reasonable because it is reasonable, I mean they were so nice to give it back and I am so grateful! They also told me to be VERY VERY careful with my crowns next time  because next time they will not.
So on to the fun stuff..........
I haven't had time to catch up with the drawing collage (Its been so long you might not even remember) Because I've been so busy!!!
Here is what has been in my life lately

~I am practically close to failing science and math so I need to work harder!
~I am working on Narnia
~Working on mannequins
~Working on pet sanctuary (I RAN OUT OF SPACE OUTSIDE!)
~Typing this post
~Wanting my mom to play! She's so funny! I love her! And my dad plays and he always makes jokes when he plays!

XD well thats all!
Well as you can tell I been at the bazaar.... A lot!
So I look somewhere and look.
Now why would a shopkeeper need swords? Lol I can so picture someone like A Banshee or something evil coming in and us all screaming and running to the side and he pulls at the swords behind his back like in movies and he attacks and yells at us to get out "BUCKTOOTHS GET OUT NOW GO GET HEADMASTER!" XD though he not so mean...... Plus he kinda has a bald spot..... (no offense bald spots are good....)......(its better then to spray paint it like what they do wit red headed barbie's!)

Till Next time

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I getting scared!

So, you all know my last post, about how I bought a swift shark by accident. Well if you haven't READ IT!

Do not continue to read this post unless you have read the last post..... If you already have... Plz move the  (suuposively called) mouse and click on read more!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yesterday, I was dumb with my crowns......

Well, judging from the title you can predict I have wasted my crowns.....
Here is the story. But I need to explain something...
I use to have a house I called the pet sacntuary with a special place for each type... Well when I made my Watchtower Hall I had to tear it down :(
Well me and Elizabeth SeaCloud made 2 twin characters! I am Leesha SeaGlade and a Life wizard! And Elizabeth is, Lauren SeaGlade (her name is better XD) and a Storm school wizard.
Our characters do everything together except for housing projects....
Well since Leesha is a Life wizard.... She is bringing back the pet sanctuary! I almost done just a few more rooms and some parts outside!

Also I haven't had much time for Narnia! I mostly saving up for my storm house! Then when Narnia is done I will begin trying to get Aslan!
Now back to the crowns wasting topic.....
Yesterday while farming for the dog house (for Leesha's sanctuary! Inspired by Paige MoonShades)
I had to get some Life henchman! So I got 1 and yesterday Life  henchman were on the front page by the Swift Shark. So I wanted to buy another! It didn't work cause I clicked on buy Swift Shark (by accident)
And well I bought another henchman when rose died and I saw my crowns (35,0000) and I was panicing!
I was gonna scream! I thought someone hacked into my account and gifted them to their char! Or my dad spent it (If that was the case I would take that stuff back!) So then I forgot about it. Then in the middle of the night I remembered I needed to see if KI could tell me what happened! So I went downstairs and reported it.
I mainly said I needed them to investigate and see if it was a bug and give my crowns back.
Then after I sent it I went to my Account managment to change my password in case someone did hack into it....... and they added a cool button that tells you what you spent with your crowns! (I love the button KI!)
And so this is mainly what I saw.....

01/23/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Henchmen: Level 60 Life Henchman -54 35400

01/23/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Item: Swift Shark (Permanent) -15000 35454

01/23/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Henchmen: Level 60 Life Henchman -54 50454

01/23/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Henchmen: Level 60 Life Henchman -54 50508

01/23/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Henchmen: Level 60 Life Henchman -54 50562

01/21/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Seamstress: Smogger's Shoes of Agony into Jester's Slippers -100 50616

01/21/2011 Leesha SeaGlade Item: 3000 Gold -2300 50716

01/20/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Loot Roll: Shirataki Temple -150 53016

01/20/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Loot Roll: Shirataki Temple -100 53166

01/20/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Loot Roll: Shirataki Temple -50 53266

01/19/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Loot Roll: Shirataki Temple -300 53316

01/19/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Loot Roll: Shirataki Temple -250 53616

01/19/2011 Vanessa EmeraldGlade Loot Roll:

So Thats when I discovered no one hacked in and I was dumb! So I casted my little wand on the Help and support button and told them the story and I asked (very kindly) if they could take the mount away from my character and give me back the crowns. And I still waiting for a reply, I hope they say yes!
 PS: I no I wasted a few crowns! I only spending  5000 a month but I not spending anything next month! ( :D it will last me till the summer! :D)

Till next time

Saturday, January 15, 2011

AFK....... BACK!

Well the back is the future cause..... I going away :(
Here are reasons

  • I working on Jacks blog! (No one can view it cause its not on Friendly's blog, no one knows URL, and its not on google!)
  • I working on Narnia! Did I tell you bout that? Well I making the third movie of Narnia. Tell more INFO later!
  • I have no time to post!
  • I need to raise allot!
Ok so Narnia. The magical movies perfect for THIS GAME! Not toontown, free realms, WoW, etc.
So I choose this so here in the INFO!

Question 1: Where will you put it? Like what house?
Answer: Storm house! It has a cave perfect for the golden water place! And it will be perfect for either the dark island or the lone islands (I'm debating)

Question 2: How much money will it take?
Answer: Hard work! Here's the math!
100,0000+90,0000+500,0000=Around 690,0000! Though I raise it in separate parts!

Question 3: How will you create the Dawn Treader?
Answer: I will take a bunch a boats and form them into one BIG boat!

Question 4: Reepicheep?
Answer: I gonna just get Brown Rat Magician!

Question 5: What about the serpant?
Answer: I will probably use a great dragon bust but if I find something better then I will use it!

Question 6: When will it be done?
Answer: Well due to the fact i have to buy the house wit gold buy Aslan mount (for fun) with gold etc. on Jack it will take about 3-4 months!

Well thats all the INFO! So I will be gone for maybe another............. 5-6 days until I post again? Though I will still be in the spiral and moderating comments and Questions, Etc.

Till next time

Friday, January 7, 2011

New computer :(

 May Heather EmeraldFlame rest in peace.

So, I can't say I knew her but I read her blog sometimes.
She was a joyful girl. She was never selfish when it came to giving advice or tips.
She was a Angel down here too.
Her family should be proud.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!
I didnt get to see the ball drop this year :( we got home from my aunts and all we say was people kissing.
What did I do all year??? WELL LETS SEE! (This is NOT in order)

-Celestia came!
-I learned Leviathan!
-I crafting my Watchtower Hall!
-I crafted carousel!
-My Best friend Katherine Lionsong & her sister Emily Skystone are back!
-I defeated Malistaire
-I made Hogwarts!
-Got a Christmas & Channukah house!
-Made Allot of Annoying, angry, happy, sad, creative, joyful Friends!!!!
-Allot of stuff I forgot about but those are the main things!

Oh yea! The carousel! You didnt hear about that yet! Well I made it!
Its a record of 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Till next time