Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I getting scared!

So, you all know my last post, about how I bought a swift shark by accident. Well if you haven't READ IT!

Do not continue to read this post unless you have read the last post..... If you already have... Plz move the  (suuposively called) mouse and click on read more!

Ok well, KI still hasn't replyed if they will give it back and I can't check my character cause I gtg in a hour!
I not surprised though...... I have a bad past with KI........ I started to complain about how other blogspot memebers got in did a investigation (I no how though.... they pay to make blogspot turn into .com) Then they blocked my emails..... But I sent it from help and support and said to email my mom! Not to say KI isnt unforgiving I dont mean to say that at all just saying that they might not reply. But I think they will soon. They can't hold a blog against me in real life money situations. So I just gonna put a random picture up.....

Lol! It looks like the Gerber baby!
You just need it mouth like a o and ad a sound affect "ah aoh"
And you made a Gerber baby!

Who wants to see a old artwork collage!

Remember my old collage!?
I miss it.... Though its still in my room! XD!

Till next time

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