Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So, first off...... THANKS SO MUCH KINGSISLE! Here is another STORY TIME!
So after getting back from a hard hour at CCD (Ya, thats right I go to public schools) I was in the car when my mom notified me that Wizard101 emailed her saying that they would refund me, this ONE time! So I got my stuff back and got the shark taken away! :D! And the underline in ONE doesnt mean that its not reasonable because it is reasonable, I mean they were so nice to give it back and I am so grateful! They also told me to be VERY VERY careful with my crowns next time  because next time they will not.
So on to the fun stuff..........
I haven't had time to catch up with the drawing collage (Its been so long you might not even remember) Because I've been so busy!!!
Here is what has been in my life lately

~I am practically close to failing science and math so I need to work harder!
~I am working on Narnia
~Working on mannequins
~Working on pet sanctuary (I RAN OUT OF SPACE OUTSIDE!)
~Typing this post
~Wanting my mom to play! She's so funny! I love her! And my dad plays and he always makes jokes when he plays!

XD well thats all!
Well as you can tell I been at the bazaar.... A lot!
So I look somewhere and look.
Now why would a shopkeeper need swords? Lol I can so picture someone like A Banshee or something evil coming in and us all screaming and running to the side and he pulls at the swords behind his back like in movies and he attacks and yells at us to get out "BUCKTOOTHS GET OUT NOW GO GET HEADMASTER!" XD though he not so mean...... Plus he kinda has a bald spot..... (no offense bald spots are good....)......(its better then to spray paint it like what they do wit red headed barbie's!)

Till Next time

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  1. Lol nice one with Elik. I've been wondering about that for a while.