Saturday, January 15, 2011

AFK....... BACK!

Well the back is the future cause..... I going away :(
Here are reasons

  • I working on Jacks blog! (No one can view it cause its not on Friendly's blog, no one knows URL, and its not on google!)
  • I working on Narnia! Did I tell you bout that? Well I making the third movie of Narnia. Tell more INFO later!
  • I have no time to post!
  • I need to raise allot!
Ok so Narnia. The magical movies perfect for THIS GAME! Not toontown, free realms, WoW, etc.
So I choose this so here in the INFO!

Question 1: Where will you put it? Like what house?
Answer: Storm house! It has a cave perfect for the golden water place! And it will be perfect for either the dark island or the lone islands (I'm debating)

Question 2: How much money will it take?
Answer: Hard work! Here's the math!
100,0000+90,0000+500,0000=Around 690,0000! Though I raise it in separate parts!

Question 3: How will you create the Dawn Treader?
Answer: I will take a bunch a boats and form them into one BIG boat!

Question 4: Reepicheep?
Answer: I gonna just get Brown Rat Magician!

Question 5: What about the serpant?
Answer: I will probably use a great dragon bust but if I find something better then I will use it!

Question 6: When will it be done?
Answer: Well due to the fact i have to buy the house wit gold buy Aslan mount (for fun) with gold etc. on Jack it will take about 3-4 months!

Well thats all the INFO! So I will be gone for maybe another............. 5-6 days until I post again? Though I will still be in the spiral and moderating comments and Questions, Etc.

Till next time

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