Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Paradise vacation? Err...riiiggghhtt..

So, yesterday Mother EmeraldGlade told me I needed a vacation and told me to take her broom and fly to EmeraldGlade Estates! I was excited until I saw the image of the island from the distance! It was like Hurricane Katrina! I wouldn't be surprised if in a week the whole outside was empty! Waves crashing and flying everywhere, thunder, and lightning striking every piece of metal! I finally landed and had a closer look at my hotels exterior.
I have a bad feeling about this O_o

Well this is a pretty fountain! ...Probably the only pretty thing on the island >_>

This is a nice bazaar! But err...people?

No one?! FREE STUFF >:D!

Well this will supply the Vacation!

Wow, this has some nice home goods!

A secret path!? Umm...I will probably die here anyway!


Hmm...look on top of that triton! Is that the greatest storm wizard ever?! *Wink wink!*

Hey thats pretty cool!

They need to make a more secure dock...


Hmm, nice viewing dock! Let me go see how good it is...

Cool! A water mole statue!
Wood desks, and a ring of fire...How Smart?!

Oooohhh!! Sand bed! And a pet bed!


CALLED IT!! *Dives into jellybean pile*

Cool! Bunkbeds!

This island has a lot of busniess with no one running it

Hmm....where could this rug lead??



COOL! Wonder what her name is..??

Private seating!

Cool! And a swim area!

So in the end I guess my vacation was pretty good! I'd actually go back there sometime......Psh! Yeah, riiigghtt!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to make a stage!

So I am posting on a new blog, Housing101! So now I will start to copy and paste my posts, I made a small guide on how to make a stage and it wasn't the best, I just threw it together! Here we go!!

Hey there!
So as I promised in my first post I would show how to make stages, now I didn't have a lot of boxes so I made small stages and showed something you can do! Here we go!
First get your basic rug set up like shown, long blue runners work best

Then begin places boxes across the runner, make sure they are next to each other!

Then once you have the amount of boxes you want for your stage length move the runner and
box to the next line, the next line of boxes have to touch the last line

Repeat step two

Put out any rugs that fit on it and the make a way to get up!

View from under

Or make a flat line stage!

And build your stage even more!

Anymore questions? It wasn't the best guide, so I do expect a question XD! Comment your question and I will reply!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Adventures of Pig and Ninja, episode one

Hi. Do you see my finger. Tell me. Which finger is it.? -Uhhh your thumb,- WRONG! My thumb is not a finger!

Well I finally was brave and defeated my camera's SD card and forced it to finally work! :D! So I got to download the images of the Pig and Ninja drawings! I tried to practice a lot with all the basic concept and future frames. Now one of those practices was really cool, I really liked it :D!

Curse you camera qualties.
Yeaaahhhh, that just the camera bluriness, I would suspect that if you click on it you can get a bigger and better view......anywho! Here, is the beginning...of two great heros.....and one that couldn't save his own piggy-self evn for the mother of porkchop. And the braveness of a girl in a ninja suit and a sword, pwning a bunny and a busneissman, PIG AND NINJA!

Cliiiiccckk the picture!

Thats just pretty much telling you what happened. My goal is to finish this in at least 8-11 papers. This is pretty much based off of Alric RavenSlinger's work, but the storyline is a bit different. I hope you liked it! COMMENT >:O

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

So yeah, I have been gone but to repay you... >:)

Hola compaƱeros Wizards,

So I have been out a bit too long (Curse you summer reading projects!)! Really they say have a nice summer before you leave, "Yeah? Well I am reading and writing all summer thanks to you and your projects!" Teachers now a days. But I did finish one more left, school starts in two weeks, heheh.

I missed too many things! Wyveren Hoard Pack (No crowns), Delfino Squar-uh Wysteria, HiaG leaving D:! This was all too hard to take in! But I understand it all now. But I guess being grounded is a good thing because I finished doing the first drawing on the Pig and Ninja comic! It looks good, it is like Alric RavenSlingers, in terms on how they are shaped and how the first part went. I only made one just to kinda get you in on whats going to happen and whats it all about.

So I have seen a few people do this, Wizard Stories. They tell the story of how they became wizards. So lest we begin!

Once upon a time there was a toon named Super Lollipop BeanScooter, and he lived in ToonTown. One day this toon saw a commercial with a guy saying stuff about how I can't defeat him. "I so can beat you old man!" I yelled at him. Then they made a new commercial for this strange game, and I liked it! So I decided to try it out! So I downloaded the game took the test. When it asked me for my favorite gem I remembered a ring my sister hat that had a really shiny purple square shaped gem in it, and so I athemyst. The description fit me so I continued. I was going to make a boy but when I clicked it the boy had mad faces D:! So instead I went with girl this time. I thought the long brown hair looked good and decided to get blue eyes since, I always loved blue eyes! When it asked for my name I put in Vanessa, because that was around when High School Musical came out, and I liked the name Vanessa (Hudgens). Emerald because they didn't have athemyst and Emerald was a cool gem. Glade because to me I didn't like EmeraldBlade, because it was a total throwout that my last name is gonna be in item. So I went with glade because it sounded nice , like blade but calmer. And so Vanessa EmeraldGlade was born!

So thats it for this post! Pig and Ninja will come next time >:D!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Friday, August 12, 2011

New houses! (Yes, this post does have pictures!)

So Kingsisle just made 2 new houses on test realm! Woot! They are....amazing! I logged into test and checked these out! Here is the first, THE WIZARDS WATCHTOWER! My impression...WOAH! I love the whole theme! It is amazing! We can kind of see how Wizard City is at night!  I really want that house! Next up, which everyone wanted, UNDERWATER PALACE! Woah! Though sadly, you can't place anything in the water! MEEP!! But it is a dream come true for everyone!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well, err, it's been a year...QUE THE MYSTERIOUS, SECRETIVE MUSIC!

Knock knock! Who's there? Me! I rock.

So, as you know about a week or two ago I celebrated my first blogiversary AND my 3rd year of playing wizard101! So like in the book, Because of Winn-Dixie, Opal got told something about her mom from her dad every year. It's been a year of blogging, and three years of playing so y'all get four secrets! :O!
The first will be the biggest...I am such a good actor.

4. I use to be a toontown fanatic. And...make fun of Wizard101 commercials D:! Like I use to say bad things to Malistaire..."Psh! I can so beat you creeper."

3. When I grow up, I want to be either an art teacher (Just for the free summers) or an actor (I love acting!).

2. I am usually always looking for some cool way to have fun. Sometimes it creepy fun (Playing princess castle defense in my myself O_O. Or like the old Jack stuff. Having a brother named Jack. I actually don't, just another search for drama thing.

1. I am a boy. A happy boy! A weird boy. A sometimes peculiar boy....

MEH! I rock.
So thats me on the inside, weird and freaky (I am wearing blue bunny ears because when I was 3-8 Blue bunnies were my thing. Rofl). Now on the outside.....
That's how I look! I am not this chic,
So this is the secretive post! Hope you enjoyed the shock!

P.S. Should I be an actor, or an artist?

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finishing of Wysteria! And HI FALLON!

Hey, Randolf! -What do *You* want.- *Slaps* MEANIE!

I finished Halo!- I- I mean Wysteria!...Ok, I'm sorry but some parts looked like Halo! The Library Archives! Seriously that place is scary! And Beatrice WildWind, she was horrifying! As Heather Raven said, FreeRealms!

I didn't do it on Vanessa. I tried, but failed. So I did it on Vanessa II. Also, through my questing I saw Fallon (None)(None) from Ravenwood Radio! It was nice to see her about three times! I never tried to add her cause, it was test realm! Soooo, HI FALLON! Here's those pictures!
This was the funniest line ever! Finally someone in that town agrees!
And so it seems we can now see the schools of opponents and teammates! Bummer for PvP!
Cool! A satyr!
Bowties are cool!

Piggle! Though it seems kinda messy...

Life Teachers secret lair, WON'T TELL YA WHAT HAPPENS!


Dancin' wit my cup!

Those people were all snots! But WHAT NOW!? That was a pretty place! Reminded me of that Mario Kart place, Delfino Square... Nice job Kingsisle! AWESOME! 

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Wiziversary review; AWESOME!

Hey hey hey (It's fat Albert!)!
So, my wiziversary was yesterday! It was super fun! I met some people I didn't know and some people I had a lot of fun with! And this time, thecomputernerd01's rap got the message of "NO CURSING" Into their heads! But most people really deserved to be thrown out. Like David, he kept saying :( for the rest of the party cause he was in three rooms. Then he tries to add me. I say yes. Later he deletes me (A favor). So I met some cool people! Malorn GhostRider came, Chase...SpiritTail? (Sorry forgot your name!) came, Justin Shadowblade, a couple random people, and Caroline DawnRunner! Look at this cool picture she drew for me!
Super cool!
I really appreciate that! So throughout the party random things happened. People left and more ported, then the party started again! So when the second party happened We got the group photo! WE LOVE CHEESE!

We. Love. Cheese!!!!!! So yes, I was a little worried that not many people would come because test realm was out! But, woot! Hurray for crowns players! And loyal viewers! We all rock! And if you want to see the costume I wore for a while, it was my pumpkin lady! HURRAH!
Had to crop that out from Caroline Dawnrunner's picture!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't curse at the party! (Pick up is right now)

Hey! You best not be cursing at my party! Here is a song to get it into your head!

Credit goes to: Thecomputernerd01 (You rock!) P.S. Dog was stuffed O.o

So the pickup areas

Time: NOW!
Place: Storm Tower
Realm: Torrence
Area: 1 DUH!

Dress as something weird and funny!

Happy Wizarding!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ahhhh....Vacation! Wait, wasn't that a post a while back? Let's chance it Ahhh Vaca-party rooms!

Hi, how are ya? Nice weather we're having. *Oh shuuuttt up!* O:!

So, as you all know, my wiziversary is tomorrow! And I want to show you where you are hanging out! Also, some codes are gonna be given out! So the first room....The Tranquil little pond area!

*Does a quick tap dance with Charlie* CHA!

The center room, and on the left you see a peeking tom O.O

A bad view of Pig and Ninja's HQ! See its awesomeness at the wiziversary!
So that's where you will be at the wiziversary, any of those three rooms! Usually people go on the stage! Last time the pond room wasn't open, so lets see how it goes tomorrow!

Today, me and my friend, Nicole, decided to do an expedition to the tower! HUZZAH! So we climbed up and got to the top! And I know the game is fake but it kinda creeped me out up there! I think it was because of the fear of us both falling off!

So it's been a pretty fun week! And don't be surprised if at the wiziversary, me saying GIVE ME ALL YO CARDS! And making a trade window. And just for people who don't know what happened today, Wysteria!! I love it so far! I couldn't get pictures though! It reminds me of France! It has smooth stones and is a lot like the Sultan's Palace, Kingsisle is going to be using these graphics for a while I would suppose. I feel guilty when I say this but....I'd rather go there! I mean you can float and you don't have to turn the pages of the book! When I first saw those pigs I thought they were dead. I want a pet! *Throws Radioactive Pizza at Princess Muffin*

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wiziversary times!

*Wakes up and looks at when my blogversary is* AUGUST 4TH??! *Continues to read* 7:14??!! Dang I didn't remember this time >:( *Tweets it*....Ah, I will make a post tomorrow.

Yep! August 4th! O__O I was so freaked out. *How can I prepare!?* *What time will it be* *What if Ninja can't make it!* But alas, I just needed to chiiiiilllllll, you know? Go with the flooooooo...But to bad I was stressed so therefore I freaked out. But hey! It's the day I was assaulted by a draconian and poked Malistaire! So I am still gonna celebrate on the day it happened! And scream to my good friends at 7:14 that I joined at that second!
-Ok ok, ya great Van, just give us the times!-
"Ok Ok" Uh don't call me a large vehicle! Here are the times, UNPATIENT NOOBLET! You will never be an ice wizard (Patience is part of an ice wizards personality, said the book of secrets)!

Date- August 4th
Time- 1:00PM Pacific time, 2:00PM mountain time, 3:00PM Central time, 4:00PM Eastern time, and 11:00 Toontime (JK)!
Realm- Torrence, back up: Wu.
Area- One (Der-der-dur! *Hits head*)
Where to go-  Storm tower (Chu know it!)!

At the party, we will go to my dorm room, then Tabitha, Nicholas, or someone who I can trust will say port to Van when I am ready, then you'll all port to my MFP (You'll only be in the party room and the P&N HQ).
And, wear a costume! I wanna see some good ones :D! So please remember, AUGUST 4TH!!!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Monday, August 1, 2011

An introduction. Oh please, to my blog? Psh! Maybe P&N(S)

Ello, champs!
So, lately my friend, Tabitha, said she was going to make a comic. Now I have made a couple of comics. But I was like four. So now I am gonna get back in business! And who else would it be about but the famous Pig and Ninja! They will be competing against Bunny and Suit. I am experimenting with the movements, and using Alric RavenSlingers comic FAAT, to help me! I am either going to use Wii's UDraw, or doing on my own piece of paper!

Also, as you know I celebrated my Blogiversary a few days ago! :D! And in a few more days I am going to celebrate an even more important event, WIZIVERSARY!!!! WOOTER WOOT! The day I came into the spiral during GhostWhisper at 8:37. *What the heck? The time? YOU REMEMBERED?* Psh! Course I did! That was the night Melinda's husband was killed by accident! It was such a confusing episode though so I had to watch it again and- Oh. Back to the planning of a party. The times will be introduced later, I still don't know if I will be there! :O!

So, also I was decorating some dorms lately! One house was on Vanessa EmeraldGlade I. She made her's look like a normal dorm, but a secret crafting room too! Here is the picture!
Full View, do you see Megan, my room mate in the corner? (Pssst..She is a Manequinn)

Crafting stations: Bookshelf, Drawer, Packages, and desks.
See? :D! Now, Vanessa EmeraldGlade II, balance wizard extraordinaire. Made a two story dorm room. Yup, and she has a roommate too! Her roommate is the storm Vanessa (Me)!
Bottom floor, it's kind of the living area, we both come down here, but I sleep here.

This is Vanessa I' room, she is the beholding of the fireplace >:D Oh, and she is over by the staircase.
So this is what I've been doing for the past couple of days! I will be posting more and trying to get things to post about....i: MEEEEPPP!! Come on Kingsisle, make cool crowns items! Add a seventh seat to the classroom (Character selection page) WE NEED SOMETHING :[!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!