Friday, August 5, 2011

Wiziversary review; AWESOME!

Hey hey hey (It's fat Albert!)!
So, my wiziversary was yesterday! It was super fun! I met some people I didn't know and some people I had a lot of fun with! And this time, thecomputernerd01's rap got the message of "NO CURSING" Into their heads! But most people really deserved to be thrown out. Like David, he kept saying :( for the rest of the party cause he was in three rooms. Then he tries to add me. I say yes. Later he deletes me (A favor). So I met some cool people! Malorn GhostRider came, Chase...SpiritTail? (Sorry forgot your name!) came, Justin Shadowblade, a couple random people, and Caroline DawnRunner! Look at this cool picture she drew for me!
Super cool!
I really appreciate that! So throughout the party random things happened. People left and more ported, then the party started again! So when the second party happened We got the group photo! WE LOVE CHEESE!

We. Love. Cheese!!!!!! So yes, I was a little worried that not many people would come because test realm was out! But, woot! Hurray for crowns players! And loyal viewers! We all rock! And if you want to see the costume I wore for a while, it was my pumpkin lady! HURRAH!
Had to crop that out from Caroline Dawnrunner's picture!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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