Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ahhhh....Vacation! Wait, wasn't that a post a while back? Let's chance it Ahhh Vaca-party rooms!

Hi, how are ya? Nice weather we're having. *Oh shuuuttt up!* O:!

So, as you all know, my wiziversary is tomorrow! And I want to show you where you are hanging out! Also, some codes are gonna be given out! So the first room....The Tranquil little pond area!

*Does a quick tap dance with Charlie* CHA!

The center room, and on the left you see a peeking tom O.O

A bad view of Pig and Ninja's HQ! See its awesomeness at the wiziversary!
So that's where you will be at the wiziversary, any of those three rooms! Usually people go on the stage! Last time the pond room wasn't open, so lets see how it goes tomorrow!

Today, me and my friend, Nicole, decided to do an expedition to the tower! HUZZAH! So we climbed up and got to the top! And I know the game is fake but it kinda creeped me out up there! I think it was because of the fear of us both falling off!

So it's been a pretty fun week! And don't be surprised if at the wiziversary, me saying GIVE ME ALL YO CARDS! And making a trade window. And just for people who don't know what happened today, Wysteria!! I love it so far! I couldn't get pictures though! It reminds me of France! It has smooth stones and is a lot like the Sultan's Palace, Kingsisle is going to be using these graphics for a while I would suppose. I feel guilty when I say this but....I'd rather go there! I mean you can float and you don't have to turn the pages of the book! When I first saw those pigs I thought they were dead. I want a pet! *Throws Radioactive Pizza at Princess Muffin*

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!


  1. What if I'm not your friend and want to come to the wizaniversary and don't have txt chat? :-(

  2. @Evan Shadow On the previous post it tells you the pick up times and areas, HURRY in 3 hours I am starting the pickup