Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Adventures of Pig and Ninja, episode one

Hi. Do you see my finger. Tell me. Which finger is it.? -Uhhh your thumb,- WRONG! My thumb is not a finger!

Well I finally was brave and defeated my camera's SD card and forced it to finally work! :D! So I got to download the images of the Pig and Ninja drawings! I tried to practice a lot with all the basic concept and future frames. Now one of those practices was really cool, I really liked it :D!

Curse you camera qualties.
Yeaaahhhh, that just the camera bluriness, I would suspect that if you click on it you can get a bigger and better view......anywho! Here, is the beginning...of two great heros.....and one that couldn't save his own piggy-self evn for the mother of porkchop. And the braveness of a girl in a ninja suit and a sword, pwning a bunny and a busneissman, PIG AND NINJA!

Cliiiiccckk the picture!

Thats just pretty much telling you what happened. My goal is to finish this in at least 8-11 papers. This is pretty much based off of Alric RavenSlinger's work, but the storyline is a bit different. I hope you liked it! COMMENT >:O

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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