Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beware **Short Post**

Well, as the blog is now named "Jack's Thing"  and my real name is Jack, I wanted to finally make my main character a boy. I would of when I first joined, but I thought the faces were all angry, so I just made myself a girl.

Anyway, this new character is named Jack Cloud. Originally I was just going to name him Jack (None)(None), but then I saw cloud and I was like "OMG THAT IS EPIC"

Though, this is just a small post. Tomorrow's will be bigger, as I am probably finishing Wizard City so- Sorry.. I mean I think SUNDAYS post will be bigger, as I need to finish all side-quests too.

Sorry for the shortness.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jacks Thing (No Sexual Reference)

Wow, I am such a lying hypocrite.
What do you mean Vanes- Jack?
I said I wouldn't post for another two-three months... Well, that isn't the case, as something I never dreamed would happen, happened to me.

I am bored of Minecraft.

HOW? HOW CAN I BE? I am very mad at myself for being so mad that I would resort to a game I made fun of after I left. I am more mad I made fun of Wizard101.. though recently... it does suck. Not for everyone, just me. All the friends I grew up with on Wizard101 are gone.. I literally mean everyone. Tabitha is gone, Cassandra was leaving before I left, Jacob is gone, Justin left, Gabriel does nothing but garden... and not come on. Not even the people who I didn't like are on anymore!

This leads me to the conclusion... I am leaving the gaming comm- wait what? Hellllllllll no! I am just restarting everything. Yes.. I already did it.. Vanessa, Jack, Kayla... gone... and Mason too.

I am confused betw- wait I forgot to tell that was partially a joke. I kept Vanessa, because she has crowns and the Massive Fantasy Palace, which in the future will be an artifact in The Royal Museum. Though I am confused between just making a new BOY character on my original account, or if I should make a new account and pay with crowns.

Leading me to another annoying decision.. crowns or subscription?

Perks of Being a Subscriber:
120 Backpack Slots
Unlimited PVP
Crafting Timers Cool Down Twice as Fast
Friends List Expands To 120 People

The things I want is the backpack slots and the cool down time for crafting.. though... For a purchase of 60,000 crowns for $60 I can get the ENTIRE Malistaire storyline set of worlds..
If I wanted the Morganthe storyline it'd be around 30,000 crowns, but with the other extra worlds would cast me another 20,000... Here are my calculations.

Malistaire Prices:Wizard City GRAND TOTAL: 3750 Crowns
Krokotopia GRAND TOTAL: 11895 Crowns
Marleybone GRAND TOTAL: 12000 Crowns
Mooshu GRAND TOTAL: 10800 Crowns
DragonSpyre GRAND TOTAL: 10800 Crowns
Morganthe Prices:
Celestia GRAND TOTAL: 10170 Crowns
Zafaria GRAND TOTAL: 10170 Crowns
Avalon GRAND TOTAL: 10170 Crowns
Azteca GRAND TOTAL: 11970 Crowns
Extra Area Prices:Grizzleheim GRAND TOTAL: 9975 Crowns
Wintertusk GRAND TOTAL: 9975 Crowns
Wysteria GRAND TOTAL: 3000 Crowns

Of COURSE I'd only pay the 60,000 Crowns when they're on sale (Like now), so it'd overall cost me $120 for all the current worlds forever, plus an extra 7000 Crowns. So if I quit, or take a break like last time, I wouldn't be wasting half of my year-long subscription... so, please leave a comment on what I should do.