Friday, June 15, 2012

Yearbook Signing

Ah yes... that time of the year where everyone buys a $40.00 Yearbook and has everyone sign it... Personally, I like it just to make funny things in them..

  1. Someone writes "I'M A BANANA -Greg" and I write next to banana "Sucker" 
          End Result: "I AM A BANANA sucker -Greg"

     2. Writing in stuff like "Hope you die! XOXO <3"

     3. Seeing people write things like "LOVE YA,     BESTIE!" and writing the word "Slut" next to it

So in an end result, I like making fun of people in yearbooks...It isn't like a bullying thing like "NO ONE LIKES ME" It is just teasing should try it sometime...

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Great House Help Part 2

Hey everyone.
So, there are houses out there that look, unrealistic. Every detail counts. Even adding pets or fireplaces help. Which is what we are talking about today. Lets begin..

Including Pets In Your Housing:One thing I hate is when people buy houses, like the Massive Fantasy Palace, or the Sun Palace, and don't use it. All they do you use it for storage or putting out random pets. Though, pets take a roll in housing too. Here is what I mean.
Harvest Goddess in my Harvest Festival House
This example is from my Harvest Festival house. I used this pet to represent a Harvest Goddess. I named her Angel to fit her appearance. If you do include your pets in house do not name them Princess Cookie when they are a Seraph.

Fireplaces In Housing:
Lots of people have fireplaces in their houses living rooms. I like that. You can also use it in other places...for example in the corner of a diner, or in a club. Anywhere really. Just not outside, or with a candle in it. It looks just pathetic. Might as well leave it without a candle.

Including Rugs:
Rugs play a big role in housing. Rugs are the center of attention when you enter a room. Rugs take up extra space, and should match it's surroundings. Take this one for example, probably forgot large watcher rugs are actually rugs...

As you can see I used that to take up the extra space that was left empty. You also see the painting that takes up the empty wall space.

Simple Details: 
Simple details help with making your house more realistic. If you are making a pavillion, add things onto it, not just place it out.


Thanks for Reading!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I hate these people: Part 2

My mind has overflown with things I hate about people. This time I am listing things I hate about teachers. We all hate them, but I have some interesting ones...

I hate it when...

  • I hate it when they say "Is this 8th grade because you're acting like 1st graders"
  • When they say "My nephew is in 2nd grade and he knows how to behave in class! You surely dont!"
  • When they brag about their kids
  • When they don't get that people are making sexual jokes about them and they say Thanks.
  • When they say we are doing a fun torture-some math activity labor job
  • When in the beginning of the school year they want to know ALL about us and our family and what we like and were we live and our email adresses and they are know our Best friend Peto stalker
  • When they look like they are pregnant
  • When they say we need to have "Happy Talk"...Sounds strange. Like a weird Sharon Osbourne Talk Show.
  • When they watch football games/baseball games or any other sports
  • When they pick our partners for projects.
  • I hate the fact that they even wanted to be a teacher.

Thank you for listening to a few of my rants...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I hate these people..

Hey Hey Hey! (It's faaaaat Albert)!
There are a lot of things I hate. I hate specific companies, things people say, but for right now, I am listing the things I hate about what people do on Wizard101. Sooo...Lets begin!

I hate...

  • When people fight and say *Hits*. Especially when after they say "*Hit*" the other person says "OH NO YOU DIDN'T BITCH!"'s a game? She didn't actually hit you?
  • When people blog acting all nice with no cursing and happy feelings- trying to bullshit us or something. We all know you curse in real life. Sure its a family game and I don't curse inside the game. I only curse while blogging. (Outside of the game)
  • When my friend gets "muted" for healing a level 21 who didn't want to be healed. Kingsisle, you need to start reading your reports.
  • When people who I am teaching a glitch to, tear it all down, and say "IT WAS WRONG". OBVIOUSLY IF IT WAS WRONG I WOULD TELL YOU, DAMMIT!
  • When people say "You were a noob too!" How cliche is that? Sure he's running away and screaming from a noob, but, still say something like "Damnit, ______ just go away, no one is asking you to be here! Leave! Go! Scat!"
  • When people say 'Brb" and they never come back..
  • When I am showing someone my house and all they want to do is leave...they asked to see it.
  • When people freak out because they have the backpack limit, I have the limit all the time and I don't give a shit if it is full.
  • When I log on and people say "Hey Vanessa!". I get that they are being nice, but if gets annoying...
  • When people dress like sluts. And talk like sluts....EX. "Oh my god! Lizzie! You did not just say that!" Or they give nicknames and have Central Signatures with stars and hearts and them all together with text that says "Tab, Nat, Aut....Besties!". Yes....your best friend is a digital character. How wonderful?

And that are just some of the things I hate about Wizard101 Players..