Sunday, June 3, 2012

I hate these people: Part 2

My mind has overflown with things I hate about people. This time I am listing things I hate about teachers. We all hate them, but I have some interesting ones...

I hate it when...

  • I hate it when they say "Is this 8th grade because you're acting like 1st graders"
  • When they say "My nephew is in 2nd grade and he knows how to behave in class! You surely dont!"
  • When they brag about their kids
  • When they don't get that people are making sexual jokes about them and they say Thanks.
  • When they say we are doing a fun torture-some math activity labor job
  • When in the beginning of the school year they want to know ALL about us and our family and what we like and were we live and our email adresses and they are know our Best friend Peto stalker
  • When they look like they are pregnant
  • When they say we need to have "Happy Talk"...Sounds strange. Like a weird Sharon Osbourne Talk Show.
  • When they watch football games/baseball games or any other sports
  • When they pick our partners for projects.
  • I hate the fact that they even wanted to be a teacher.

Thank you for listening to a few of my rants...

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