Friday, June 15, 2012

Yearbook Signing

Ah yes... that time of the year where everyone buys a $40.00 Yearbook and has everyone sign it... Personally, I like it just to make funny things in them..

  1. Someone writes "I'M A BANANA -Greg" and I write next to banana "Sucker" 
          End Result: "I AM A BANANA sucker -Greg"

     2. Writing in stuff like "Hope you die! XOXO <3"

     3. Seeing people write things like "LOVE YA,     BESTIE!" and writing the word "Slut" next to it

So in an end result, I like making fun of people in yearbooks...It isn't like a bullying thing like "NO ONE LIKES ME" It is just teasing should try it sometime...

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