Friday, March 8, 2013

The Final Post (Possibly)

So... hi.
I haven't posted since- August I think. No- June. Reason? Minecraft.


I have betrayed you all! I told myself I'd never be seduced to the power of the blocks... though... it was too addicting. I am weak.

So I have decided I'll make this post, as a goodbye-ish thing, because I never really did. I might still post but that's like- once every three months.

So since leaving this blog I have fallen in love with Minecraft. Absolutely in love. Though, let's talk about real life. It sucks. People. Are. Assholes. They celebrate and live their lives in the wrong ways, and not wrong because I live mine differently but wrong because they live off other peoples pain. Pain they inflict on that person.

I've never had suicidal thoughts until this year. I never understood how people did that to themselves, but now, I do. I won't do it at the moment, so don't worry if you are, because that's really selfish, because taking my life would ruin my families. They'd live their lives, growing up, or older, with a son or brother who killed themselves when they were thirteen. So therefore, I won't ever do that.

That's about it.

See you in.. another... two-three months.