Friday, July 22, 2011

Pep talk for the blogiversary- Rules.

Well, hooooooowwdy!
So today at about 6:20 PM eastern time, if the day I created this site! I have been happy designing through different templates and then landing with one that looks like Friendly's except with storm colors. So I just wanted to let you know about some rules and things that will happen at the party! So first things first, RULES >:D

1). No cursing, no inappropiate material, no bullying, no insults. The standard busneiss. Just have a good time!
2). Don't tell a friend to leave (Unless they are doing something wrong). The more the merrier!
3). Give me a card or two. And I will give you somethings too :D!
4). You get what you get and you don't get upset -_-

Now unto the things we will do. My birthday party was great last year! We had that wizard duel battleground thing. I loved that. And this year we don't have anything like that. So we will do something like in Harry Potter, the forest battle. We will just pretend to cast things. Dat was fun. And another activity is GIFTING AND "Trading" CARDS WITH ME >:D! MOO HAHAHAHA! Mooshu spirit! ;D

So if you need the times again, here they are

Pickup time starts at 2:00-2:30 eastern, 1:00-1:30 central, 12:00-12:30 mountain, and 11:00-11:30 Pacific time.
Date- Today the 22nd of July
Pickup location- In ravenwood next to Torrence
Realm- Torrence and backup is Wu
Area- 1 (DUH!)

So come on! :D
Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Remember! Blogiversary tomorrow! Guests get some nice card packs :D

So, I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is my blogiversary! Instead of at my MFP I decided to make it at my WatchTower Hall, and my pet sanctuary. I don't really want it to be about pvp, I wanna just hang out with a bunch of people! And if you do come, you get, A PACK OF CARDS OF YOUR CHOICE :D (Not mega snack packs though.)! So lets see what packs you can recieve!
Yep! If you're good, ol' VannyKinz will give you a dragons hoard pack! And if you're bad, you might not get one at all! :D! Oh, wait. Nvm. So make sure you come tomorrow! Here is the information.

Time- 2:00 Eastern, 1:00 Central, 12:00 Mountain time, 11:00 Pacific.
Date- Tomorrow! (Duh)
Pickup- Ravenwood, next to Torrence.
Realm- Torrence, if it is filled up that day, we will go to Wu, if both of those are filled up check my twitter, or the blog, I will put something out about the new realm.
Area- One. Once again, DUH!

Make sure to come and meet me, maaaybbeee K-k-k-Kayla will make an appearance. But she won't care to add.

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

P.S. Please go check out Caroline DawnRunner's site! She is a dedicated blogger who has an amazing drawing in at least every post! Caroline's site!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blogger awards! Visit the sites!

"Holo-*Its 'Hello'.* OH! Hello!"-Megamind script
I have been viewing a lot of blogs and working on a lot of things! Before we go into the post I'd like to thank Cody RavenThorn for helping me see the brighter side in housing (I will take it down)! Now time to start. So I read the Smart Allec Wizards post today and it was a great idea (She's has a lot) and this is my favorite out of her wiggle of piggles ideas! She made a post about bloggers that have reasons of greatness! Just because she and I don't post yours doesn't mean its great! And if you want yours on my list leave a comment. So lets begin with my favorite blogger-

My favorite blogger, who you should visit!
My favorite blogger is probably Arlen DawnEyes from Two Headed Wizard (Ya he did beat The Friendly Necromancer)! His posts are so interesting and sometimes humorous! He has information in PICTURES when posts! And even if its about an update he will add a little something to make you smile!

The Humorious blogger
Even though me and her have had a bad past I would say The Wizard101 Addict! She is really funny in her posts. Sometimes she might not add humor but you can understand why. She can have great ideas and make so much humor out of it. She is They just roll around, WEEEEEEHHHH!!!!!

The Anchorman of the spiral.
Kevin BattleBlood, all the way. Kevin runs The Chillanthropologist along with PetNome and works with Lampnome. Kevin's posts show the high points of information just like an anchorman does, touches the high points and not the small things. Like he wouldn't say that Eggo stopped making there waffles for two months (Even though that sounds terrible). He would say New York City in a lock in, or something.

The Underdog
The person who I think is the underdog is probably, The Hilarious Thaumaturge. Talon is great at blogging with interesting ideas. His posts bring something new everyday. He brings the "You learn something new everyday!" saying come true to me. Go check out his site!

The most inspirational blogger
I shouldn't even have to say this, The Friendly Necromancer. We all know him and love him! Thomas brings humor into your day with every post! Every post brings laughs information and sometimes might get you into another game (BUT DON'T LEAVE WIZARD101 >:O)! Friendly, was the first Wizard101 blogger and brought millions of others to the community. I've kind of always wondered if people recognized him IRL....? Hmmmm...???

The most skilled.
Ok, other than me ;) Jk. Kestrel ShadowThistle would be the best person for this. Kestrel can play songs of Wizard101 on the piano, works hard on her post and is a great person! She makes you do a little giggle and a chuckle here and there in a lot of her posts! Go check her site out!

The one I would depend on.
Cassandra IceMancer, but she doesn't blog so it doesn't count. Defiantly Talon ThunderBlade and Edward LifeGem. Talon brings posts of himself and news from the spiral! So he seems to have a healthy variety! Edward brings news from around the spiral and whats going on in the community if you can't get on!
So their post its like a mini newsletter! They are also both great friends! Edward is really nice and Talon is funny and good-hearted!

The little blogger that could/can.
This goes to my friend, Tabitha MoonBlood!  Tabitha doesn't believe she can do great! So lets help her out, and follow her! I will try to edit in the link when I find it! Give her tips! She can be a great blogger *Gerbil talks* "Believe! Beeelieeeeve!"
A blogger who has helped me.
Although I have a couple, I would say Arlen Dawneyes, Heather Raven and a long time off-game friend, Artur GhostMancer. They have all helped me so much! Arlen encouraged me to keep blogging when I felt down. Heather was my first follower! And Ghostmancer found my blog and offered to make my first header,

I still love it! Thank you so much, Artur!
 These people helped me start blogging a lot! I really want to thank these people for helping me get here. I'm kind of like a wizard in MB out the moment in terms of blogging! Thanks guys!

I think its time to end this post! Be sure to visit and follow these people! And maybe me while your at it ;)!

P.S. I would like to thank Victoria SpiritBlossom for saying I fit most dependant friend and someone to cheer ya up! Thanks so much Victoria! That was really nice!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lest we not forget our grand a galorious pets! Let's have a pet of the week!

This week when we look into our crystal ball we see- THE PIGGLE !!
Something just came to The Diviner Lane, pets of the week! Some pets are well known (Humongofrog, unicorns, ninja pigs, etc.) But other pets are taken advantage of, *Aww* for example, the PIGGLE! Cute and cuddly, struggling to hold its weight with tiny fluttery wings! But people don't were this for its pedigree *Aww* Isn't that sad! You gotta wear a cute little piggle! unreasonable amount...
Clink to enlarge

Yaaa....bit to much. I am proud of all my princess muffins. Oh ya! That is my MFP! Remember, blogiversary on July 22nd! Back to piggles! Piggles only come in 4 types, 3 on some gift cards! A zebra-like piggle, a spotted red piggle, a spotted blue piggle and a normal piggle! I had an idea for a spiral piggle, one with all the school signs on it, here's my drawing!
I entered him for the TFN mount-a-poo-looza contest!  He was inspired by the original concept art. So go to the shopping district and buy a wonderful bouncy piggly wiggly!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Swan Princess mount??

I've been able to play, even on vacation (On times we just watch TV)! I've been able to do a lot! K-k-k-Kayla is moving into Marlybone, with all her family of cats and dogs! Chia Dogs Cats  KAYLA!

Yep, watch her grow to control the spiral Mwu-hahahahah!!!
Yes, I would expect you to want to see proof. PWNAGE ON THE QUEEN!!
Wootle wootle wootle!
Yeppers peppers! She beat her, nude style.... here's her stats
Now other than K-k-k-Kayla pwning Krokopatra, there is the new mount of, fairy wings! I really like the purple ones on me, its just they're just to floppy. They reminds me a lot of the swan princess, I remember those barbia dolls me and my sister had when we were little.

This was a big picture post. Anyway,
Till next time
Happy Wizarding!