Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lest we not forget our grand a galorious pets! Let's have a pet of the week!

This week when we look into our crystal ball we see- THE PIGGLE !!
Something just came to The Diviner Lane, pets of the week! Some pets are well known (Humongofrog, unicorns, ninja pigs, etc.) But other pets are taken advantage of, *Aww* for example, the PIGGLE! Cute and cuddly, struggling to hold its weight with tiny fluttery wings! But people don't were this for its pedigree *Aww* Isn't that sad! You gotta wear a cute little piggle! unreasonable amount...
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Yaaa....bit to much. I am proud of all my princess muffins. Oh ya! That is my MFP! Remember, blogiversary on July 22nd! Back to piggles! Piggles only come in 4 types, 3 on some gift cards! A zebra-like piggle, a spotted red piggle, a spotted blue piggle and a normal piggle! I had an idea for a spiral piggle, one with all the school signs on it, here's my drawing!
I entered him for the TFN mount-a-poo-looza contest!  He was inspired by the original concept art. So go to the shopping district and buy a wonderful bouncy piggly wiggly!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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  1. if anyone know anyone who has an account they dont use anymore with a level 45+ diviner female please let me have it. I so desperately want to be a grandmaster then legendary wizard and i cant deal with storm at low levels because dying makes me mad.

    Please please help me .

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