Thursday, July 21, 2011

Remember! Blogiversary tomorrow! Guests get some nice card packs :D

So, I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is my blogiversary! Instead of at my MFP I decided to make it at my WatchTower Hall, and my pet sanctuary. I don't really want it to be about pvp, I wanna just hang out with a bunch of people! And if you do come, you get, A PACK OF CARDS OF YOUR CHOICE :D (Not mega snack packs though.)! So lets see what packs you can recieve!
Yep! If you're good, ol' VannyKinz will give you a dragons hoard pack! And if you're bad, you might not get one at all! :D! Oh, wait. Nvm. So make sure you come tomorrow! Here is the information.

Time- 2:00 Eastern, 1:00 Central, 12:00 Mountain time, 11:00 Pacific.
Date- Tomorrow! (Duh)
Pickup- Ravenwood, next to Torrence.
Realm- Torrence, if it is filled up that day, we will go to Wu, if both of those are filled up check my twitter, or the blog, I will put something out about the new realm.
Area- One. Once again, DUH!

Make sure to come and meet me, maaaybbeee K-k-k-Kayla will make an appearance. But she won't care to add.

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

P.S. Please go check out Caroline DawnRunner's site! She is a dedicated blogger who has an amazing drawing in at least every post! Caroline's site!

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