Friday, July 8, 2011

The Swan Princess mount??

I've been able to play, even on vacation (On times we just watch TV)! I've been able to do a lot! K-k-k-Kayla is moving into Marlybone, with all her family of cats and dogs! Chia Dogs Cats  KAYLA!

Yep, watch her grow to control the spiral Mwu-hahahahah!!!
Yes, I would expect you to want to see proof. PWNAGE ON THE QUEEN!!
Wootle wootle wootle!
Yeppers peppers! She beat her, nude style.... here's her stats
Now other than K-k-k-Kayla pwning Krokopatra, there is the new mount of, fairy wings! I really like the purple ones on me, its just they're just to floppy. They reminds me a lot of the swan princess, I remember those barbia dolls me and my sister had when we were little.

This was a big picture post. Anyway,
Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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