Thursday, May 31, 2012



I haven't been posting. And I warned you. It's been, what, 5 Months since I said goodbye temporarily? Yeah, Probably. When I left off I was working on my hotel house, and I finished. But, I got a new laptop when the laptop with the pictures....CRASHED.

Some things that will change:
-This blog will have *Some* Cursing. Never the F-Bomb. Just thing like Crap, Shit, and Hell. If you can't handle the fact that kids nowadays already know these words and we must "Protect" Them, then...Take them out of school and leave the spiral. Because there is a whole lot of cursing there.
-I am still awesome, No need to worry.
-Some non-related Wizard101 stuff will happen (As you see in the last post).
-No I won't post news. You don't need another billionth person telling you that test realm is out.

So, yeah. My other, old, twitter got hacked, so follow my new one (If you want too)

While I was gone, I was decorating, a lot. I HAVE GOTTEN BETTER! So here are all the central links..

Hunger Games Arena: Just an experiment
Hunger Games House (FULL): Capitol, District 12, The Arena. This is too amazing

Black and Red Arena: Black and Red Arena=COOLIO
My Arena: Yeah....First one in a while

Full Experiment Post: The Title Explains


UNDER THE ARENA: A different perspective





I made more houses
EX. Harry Potter, Medieval House, Harvest Festival, Carnival, Animal Festival, Gardening Houses.
And I am working on a backwards house (Inside is Outside and Outside is Inside).

Hope you enjoy the new me! BLARG


Friday, May 4, 2012

Labeling Yourself, Don't Do It.

Sometimes people can get in your way of doing things. Though you need to be sure. People won’t understand you if you have your own way of doing things. Never say “I’m just a rebel” because then they’ll just laugh and say “No your being a smart allec” Or in the more urban way “Your being a smartass”. People won’t understand things you want, except you. Even if you try your best to achieve that, it won’t work- they hold you back.
 “Then the angel asked her what her name was she said, I have none. Then he asked her, can this be my father never gave me one.”-Abrahams Daughter- Arcade Fire
“How darest child- defy your father- you better let young Isaac go.”-Abrahams Daughter- Arcade Fire
Society doesn’t allow “Unique” or “Different people” in. They stereotype against them saying “Oh, they are to smart.” Or “I heard they are bisexual. Stay away from her” but really, it is better to be different then the same. Principals agree and like the “sames” (From now on they are separated by sames and differents). People say “Oh no they wouldn’t do that” Because they think they are perfect.
“Unless you’re perfect, then you can’t judge.”
I don’t find myself as a rebel. Saying you’re a rebel is bullshit. You can’t go around saying *I’m THIS* *I’m THAT* Because, you can’t label yourself. You are what you are, and if you fight for yourself and what is the truth and not just some dumbass saying something that doesn’t go along with common sense, then you would be considered a bitch. To society. Only because you said something they don’t like. So if you say something more powerful then what they said, you are now officially considered- a bitch.
Lets go back to the sames and differents.
Sames- like to change themselves into the picture of what we find “perfect” or “Normal”.
Differents- Don’t care how they look or how different they look from everyone else (The Sames), their outcasts.
“I’m kind of between a goody-goody and a rebel, I’m a little crazy”-Michelle Wei
Rebels aren’t punks. They just don’t agree with what people see as “The perfect image” they disagree with the idea of everyone being the same. I really have no idea what I am typing, and I don’t know much about rebels. I’ve been a bit like the quote above this paragraph. A little crazy….