Saturday, June 2, 2012

I hate these people..

Hey Hey Hey! (It's faaaaat Albert)!
There are a lot of things I hate. I hate specific companies, things people say, but for right now, I am listing the things I hate about what people do on Wizard101. Sooo...Lets begin!

I hate...

  • When people fight and say *Hits*. Especially when after they say "*Hit*" the other person says "OH NO YOU DIDN'T BITCH!"'s a game? She didn't actually hit you?
  • When people blog acting all nice with no cursing and happy feelings- trying to bullshit us or something. We all know you curse in real life. Sure its a family game and I don't curse inside the game. I only curse while blogging. (Outside of the game)
  • When my friend gets "muted" for healing a level 21 who didn't want to be healed. Kingsisle, you need to start reading your reports.
  • When people who I am teaching a glitch to, tear it all down, and say "IT WAS WRONG". OBVIOUSLY IF IT WAS WRONG I WOULD TELL YOU, DAMMIT!
  • When people say "You were a noob too!" How cliche is that? Sure he's running away and screaming from a noob, but, still say something like "Damnit, ______ just go away, no one is asking you to be here! Leave! Go! Scat!"
  • When people say 'Brb" and they never come back..
  • When I am showing someone my house and all they want to do is leave...they asked to see it.
  • When people freak out because they have the backpack limit, I have the limit all the time and I don't give a shit if it is full.
  • When I log on and people say "Hey Vanessa!". I get that they are being nice, but if gets annoying...
  • When people dress like sluts. And talk like sluts....EX. "Oh my god! Lizzie! You did not just say that!" Or they give nicknames and have Central Signatures with stars and hearts and them all together with text that says "Tab, Nat, Aut....Besties!". Yes....your best friend is a digital character. How wonderful?

And that are just some of the things I hate about Wizard101 Players..


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  1. I can relate to a lot of this stuff :l
    You forgot to add when people date on wizard101, what kind of lonely child wants to date somebody whose gender you're not even sure about irl (no offense)?