Monday, August 1, 2011

An introduction. Oh please, to my blog? Psh! Maybe P&N(S)

Ello, champs!
So, lately my friend, Tabitha, said she was going to make a comic. Now I have made a couple of comics. But I was like four. So now I am gonna get back in business! And who else would it be about but the famous Pig and Ninja! They will be competing against Bunny and Suit. I am experimenting with the movements, and using Alric RavenSlingers comic FAAT, to help me! I am either going to use Wii's UDraw, or doing on my own piece of paper!

Also, as you know I celebrated my Blogiversary a few days ago! :D! And in a few more days I am going to celebrate an even more important event, WIZIVERSARY!!!! WOOTER WOOT! The day I came into the spiral during GhostWhisper at 8:37. *What the heck? The time? YOU REMEMBERED?* Psh! Course I did! That was the night Melinda's husband was killed by accident! It was such a confusing episode though so I had to watch it again and- Oh. Back to the planning of a party. The times will be introduced later, I still don't know if I will be there! :O!

So, also I was decorating some dorms lately! One house was on Vanessa EmeraldGlade I. She made her's look like a normal dorm, but a secret crafting room too! Here is the picture!
Full View, do you see Megan, my room mate in the corner? (Pssst..She is a Manequinn)

Crafting stations: Bookshelf, Drawer, Packages, and desks.
See? :D! Now, Vanessa EmeraldGlade II, balance wizard extraordinaire. Made a two story dorm room. Yup, and she has a roommate too! Her roommate is the storm Vanessa (Me)!
Bottom floor, it's kind of the living area, we both come down here, but I sleep here.

This is Vanessa I' room, she is the beholding of the fireplace >:D Oh, and she is over by the staircase.
So this is what I've been doing for the past couple of days! I will be posting more and trying to get things to post about....i: MEEEEPPP!! Come on Kingsisle, make cool crowns items! Add a seventh seat to the classroom (Character selection page) WE NEED SOMETHING :[!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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