Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well, err, it's been a year...QUE THE MYSTERIOUS, SECRETIVE MUSIC!

Knock knock! Who's there? Me! I rock.

So, as you know about a week or two ago I celebrated my first blogiversary AND my 3rd year of playing wizard101! So like in the book, Because of Winn-Dixie, Opal got told something about her mom from her dad every year. It's been a year of blogging, and three years of playing so y'all get four secrets! :O!
The first will be the biggest...I am such a good actor.

4. I use to be a toontown fanatic. And...make fun of Wizard101 commercials D:! Like I use to say bad things to Malistaire..."Psh! I can so beat you creeper."

3. When I grow up, I want to be either an art teacher (Just for the free summers) or an actor (I love acting!).

2. I am usually always looking for some cool way to have fun. Sometimes it creepy fun (Playing princess castle defense in my myself O_O. Or like the old Jack stuff. Having a brother named Jack. I actually don't, just another search for drama thing.

1. I am a boy. A happy boy! A weird boy. A sometimes peculiar boy....

MEH! I rock.
So thats me on the inside, weird and freaky (I am wearing blue bunny ears because when I was 3-8 Blue bunnies were my thing. Rofl). Now on the outside.....
That's how I look! I am not this chic,
So this is the secretive post! Hope you enjoyed the shock!

P.S. Should I be an actor, or an artist?

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!


  1. Second time I read this, and I realized the inner you wearing 3-D glasses, which the tenth doctor from Doctor Who wore them lol. Also, I will draw your wizard in return from not able to attend your party. Speaking of drawing, I think you should be an artist, but have some sort of acting in you. I noticed that inner you was kinda tan. Outside you was normal skin color, but the stormy you had a pale white skin lol. I liked the lightning ear rings though. You need a fez. XD Maybe a swat team, a map of florida, a pot of coffee, and 12 jammy dodgers!-Thunderblade

  2. So, your a boy? Or just on the inside?

  3. @HeroicPyromancer I know the inner is tan. It was my first avi and I wanted to be tan, then I saw how the normal skin isn't to bad. I couldn't find my eyes D:. Thanks for the nice comment!

    @StrongSorcerer No I am a boy on the outside. I made a girl character because I thought all the boys had mad faces. And that didn't express me XD

    P.S. I am writing as anonymous because lately my computer has had problems with blogger! I moderate comments so if it WAS an imposter I could just delete the comment XD

  4. I am shocked. The third time I read this I read your comment, and you said you were really a boy! I always knew you were a girl, but you're a boy! Kinda shocked lol. I mean srsly lol. -Thunderblade

  5. You're a guy? Oh well I've heard of some blogs where people lie about their gender... My friend IRL who is ACTUALLY named Vanessa has a guy character named Valerian :P

  6. I mean all the conversations we had! I thought you were a girl! lol. Well now I know. And the times I called you Van XD.-Thunderblade

  7. @CarolineDawnrunner I didn't 'Lie' I did make a post about it, well, a few. And deleted them after a day. So at least 60 people knew already. More like a well kept secret XD

  8. Wow, well I should of guessed from the "We love cheese" thing XD