Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So yeah, I have been gone but to repay you... >:)

Hola compañeros Wizards,

So I have been out a bit too long (Curse you summer reading projects!)! Really they say have a nice summer before you leave, "Yeah? Well I am reading and writing all summer thanks to you and your projects!" Teachers now a days. But I did finish one more left, school starts in two weeks, heheh.

I missed too many things! Wyveren Hoard Pack (No crowns), Delfino Squar-uh Wysteria, HiaG leaving D:! This was all too hard to take in! But I understand it all now. But I guess being grounded is a good thing because I finished doing the first drawing on the Pig and Ninja comic! It looks good, it is like Alric RavenSlingers, in terms on how they are shaped and how the first part went. I only made one just to kinda get you in on whats going to happen and whats it all about.

So I have seen a few people do this, Wizard Stories. They tell the story of how they became wizards. So lest we begin!

Once upon a time there was a toon named Super Lollipop BeanScooter, and he lived in ToonTown. One day this toon saw a commercial with a guy saying stuff about how I can't defeat him. "I so can beat you old man!" I yelled at him. Then they made a new commercial for this strange game, and I liked it! So I decided to try it out! So I downloaded the game took the test. When it asked me for my favorite gem I remembered a ring my sister hat that had a really shiny purple square shaped gem in it, and so I athemyst. The description fit me so I continued. I was going to make a boy but when I clicked it the boy had mad faces D:! So instead I went with girl this time. I thought the long brown hair looked good and decided to get blue eyes since, I always loved blue eyes! When it asked for my name I put in Vanessa, because that was around when High School Musical came out, and I liked the name Vanessa (Hudgens). Emerald because they didn't have athemyst and Emerald was a cool gem. Glade because to me I didn't like EmeraldBlade, because it was a total throwout that my last name is gonna be in item. So I went with glade because it sounded nice , like blade but calmer. And so Vanessa EmeraldGlade was born!

So thats it for this post! Pig and Ninja will come next time >:D!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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