Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wiziversary times!

*Wakes up and looks at when my blogversary is* AUGUST 4TH??! *Continues to read* 7:14??!! Dang I didn't remember this time >:( *Tweets it*....Ah, I will make a post tomorrow.

Yep! August 4th! O__O I was so freaked out. *How can I prepare!?* *What time will it be* *What if Ninja can't make it!* But alas, I just needed to chiiiiilllllll, you know? Go with the flooooooo...But to bad I was stressed so therefore I freaked out. But hey! It's the day I was assaulted by a draconian and poked Malistaire! So I am still gonna celebrate on the day it happened! And scream to my good friends at 7:14 that I joined at that second!
-Ok ok, ya great Van, just give us the times!-
"Ok Ok" Uh don't call me a large vehicle! Here are the times, UNPATIENT NOOBLET! You will never be an ice wizard (Patience is part of an ice wizards personality, said the book of secrets)!

Date- August 4th
Time- 1:00PM Pacific time, 2:00PM mountain time, 3:00PM Central time, 4:00PM Eastern time, and 11:00 Toontime (JK)!
Realm- Torrence, back up: Wu.
Area- One (Der-der-dur! *Hits head*)
Where to go-  Storm tower (Chu know it!)!

At the party, we will go to my dorm room, then Tabitha, Nicholas, or someone who I can trust will say port to Van when I am ready, then you'll all port to my MFP (You'll only be in the party room and the P&N HQ).
And, wear a costume! I wanna see some good ones :D! So please remember, AUGUST 4TH!!!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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