Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hmm.... I guess I do live near PAX east... XD I still not going!

So from ditto's blog it said its in boston! Just a 2 hour drive! I still not going!
Well anyway I have been doing some Jade Oni Farming!
1- I want that life robe for my Life character!
2- I was but can't anymore get some valentine stuff!

1-Getting the robe

So I ended up buying the Valentines stuff!
Here is Leesha! She is looking so good!

Yes! That is at my pet sanctuary! Speaking of so I should be finished either Tonight, tomorrow night, or Saturday!
I pray for tonight!

Till next time


  1. cool i gonna farm jade oni as well for too fire robes.

  2. Hey,
    You probably don't see me much on wizards anymore because I have had other things come up. But one thing is for sure I check your blog almost each day and I would like to get the chance to get to see your pet sanctuary.
    -Ethan- -Level 60 Storm-

  3. Oh and I need to meet you on your new account.
    -Ethan- -Level 60 Storm-

  4. My 3rd and hopefully last comment for the night. Nicholas Lionheart is probably gonna talk about me and wanting to meet you lol. I was talking to him and said he would tell you I needed to meet your new account. And I got a question. Do you even remember me? Lol. Because it has been a long time! Anyway sorry for all the comments.
    -Ethan- -Level 60 Storm-