Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dear Elizabeth Seacloud, (And I am not sure if thats were the comma goes)

Dear, (I think its this part)
Elizabeth SeaCloud!

Didn't I make her name look purrrddddyyy!!! (No Marlybone pun intended)

Yes I did delete you!
Because of a girl named... _______________ I will not say her name Because it might be rude
And Yes I no this is cheerful because I am happy!
But I deleted you cause those were the 3 cursed days of sadness, war, rebellion..... to dramatic
Instead it was the 3 days of me being sad, mad, cheerful at time, and once again PST!
So ya.....
Elizabeth I just want to let you no so you don't worry about our little twins... She is doing fine!
She did NOT get expelled and she is almost to Mooshu!
Just gotta do katzensteins lab wit cass this morning and the big ben and clocktowers junk!
Here is a weird picture of us getting beheaded by Lady Desane
Hehe! Me and Cass's alts!

So Elizabeth.... I was really pst at you for always thanking ________________
For stuff and never me...
Last night I begged my mom to read me a story and it was about Billy Bunny (My chilhood hero) and he was trying to find the magical butterfly! She read it cheerfully and did voices so today I am refreshed and happy~!
So you helped me recover to with the "Plz listen to me I was trying to make you upset! sry ____ this is all my fault!" Stuff and the "Loook at my blog one more time" Stuff.... I always laughed at it! It made me seem weird so I had a chuckle and giggle!
Well to all my friends I shall always be on Leesha Seaglade! *Hint Hint*
Or Leech as cass calls me!

Till next time
Happy Lady GaGa wizarding!!!!


  1. i no that feeling.... i accept your apology... can we still be friends? it would really make my day...i have benn srsly sick lately and this whole thing hasnt helped alot.... i have been loosing sleep and i couldnt concetrat on my homework....can we still be friends? we dont have to be like before but i want to be your friend

    -Elizabeth Seacloud

    ps. you forgot to delete me on jack

  2. o btw i was confused for a second..... is it something i did.... a little confused on why you deleted me now.... is it because i said thank you to (insert same persons name from up there down here).... or is it something else?

  3. AND.... one more thing my sub expired gotta call my more ms for a day+ she is gonna say to do my homework lol

  4. OH NO!!!!!! We lost our heads =3 Actually we lost our bodies.... oh well. LADY DESANE IS A MURDERER!!!! STAY AWAY!! STAY AWAY!!!!!! DON'T TAKE QUESTS!! NO FLOWERS! NO NO NO SHE WILL BEHEAD YOU!!!!
    Van and I decided that Lady Desane beheaded us, btw. Oh, yeah. This is Cass. *fail*