Sunday, February 13, 2011

We alts have made its to meh beloved world of.... Mooshi Mooshu!

Well Hey there!
I am back... Again?
Here to tell you that this afternoon... Me and Cassandra.... Have made it
To MOOSHU!!!!!!!!!!
*Japanese music plays and confetti flies and cheering is everywhere and cows are hugging and proposing*
*We raise hands a look at the sky and do the cheer emote!*
Here are some pictures!
First here is our winning victory in katz lab!

Lol he was faces the wrong way like he is having a prep talk with grunk!
Or as cass said "He's like...."I'm just gonna turn around a check off my clipboard while you kill me" lol"

Dancing waiting for lucas to turn on the power levers! XD

She spilled the milk and I got this awesome angle!

Us..... In the floor.... of his defeat!
I looked in the picture and saw the gold chest and I needed that!!!!

Well... I didnt get any Mooshu Pictures yet... We didnt even go there yet. Why!?!?! Because I have to go in 2 hours and I wanna have a day for full accomplishment! Plus she had to go to XD
This was our latest accomplishment! Finishing MB in 2 days!! I liked it for once!
Well... I have been busy! Buying boats and boxes for Narnia! Finishing Leesha's pet sanctuary! (I'm gonna toot my own horn and say the outside is so epic! better then paiges XD)
I will post a video soon!

Till next time


  1. Heya Van! I figured out how to post lol. I be Cassandra IceMancer *win* xD Actually I said something more like "I'll just stand around and
    look at my clipboard while you kill me, if that's okay with you." I don't know. xD You took the pic before I could yell "CHEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" xD

  2. Hey Van, Cass again. Can we do MooShu on Saturday? Because I am busy this week. This Monday is going to be the busiest day EVER!!!!! Nawt Kiddin. *sigh* Actually he wasn't backwards on my screen. He just didn't look like he cared whether we killed him or not xD "OK, Wizzes, I got work to do, I don't have TIME to do this, so how about y'all just kill me and I'll look at my clipboard. I might sneak in a spell or two 'cause this is fun. Only the bravest wizards venture to Katzenstei -" "Uh, Boss? Everyone comes to KL sometime or later. And uh ... they always end up kil -" "QUIET, GRUNK!!!!!!!! You're SO pessimistic."

  3. Heya!
    Yeah, I was hoping we could only do it on weekends too! I mean weekdays I only have like 4 hours and I'd rather just play and relax!!!! XD
    Phew! I thought you would go ahead!
    Happy valentines day!

    ~Vanessa EmeraldGlade!