Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We had an Universal world, Fire world, Balance world, death world, a life world, and a storm world, Ice's turn!

Lets see....
GH and MS= Life
DS and I count MB=Death

Now! Kingsisle just released on MMROPG, MMO crunch, Ravenwood News, Etc. That the next big storyline world is going to be....


Yay! This will tie into the world of GrizzleHeim, and bring us back to Crab Allay to learn about the Crab King's life before he fell in love with Selena Gomez!

I only wonder.... How the heck does Wintertusk a Snowy cold wintry barbaric world.......
Attract Morganthe? Maybe she needs something there. Like how Malistare needed the krokenomicon. She might need some horn or some eyeglass or something? What do you think?

We are also getting our lvl 58 Pets!! :D!
I think....
Life is getting a cute little forest lord XD
Ice is getting a cute little......... um. Frost Giant that flies down at the ground!
Fire will get a Dragon? (Like the spell maybe)
Storm will get a Leviathan (It will fly up and down like the snake pets do sometimes)
Myth will get a... Dunno.  Medusa?
Death will be a skeletal dragon
Not very Eduacated guesses.... XD

Off WinterTusk update topic.

I decided that I will no longer say anything about Nicholas LionRider after this post. Last words of this post.
I on Amber's side officially against Nick (Still don't quit the game because of them Nick just delete the blogger friends)...   Sry I already deleted you Amber I: I will try and add you back! o. - !

Till next time


  1. I don't want a freaking frostbitten grandpa xD VAN YOU NEED TO THINK MORE ON PETS ROFL! I'd rather have my choice of a hybrid pet.... lol! It's Cass.... or is it? xD

  2. Here's a TFC,: GAGXUUGF
    Gag.. very nice.. *scarcasm*
    Anywho, it's all good. Just don't jump to conclusions that fast okay? :)

  3. Grizzlehiem was actually the ice world. It is the land where the Ice Giants came from. So we already had an ice world, sorry.

  4. @Anonymous XD I know. I tried for maelstrom oni yesterday.... Failed

    @Amber Rosepetal Thanks for forgiving me. I won't XD

    @Anonymous (#2!) Well, things there are more grassy now so XD! Global warming. Whatcha gonna do XD!

  5. Autumnaldusk you said that on friendly necromancer! tsk tsk tsk posting about the same thing on 2 different sites oh well see ya

    till then
    Don't Mess With the Leviathan

  6. Ooh, I got a Sandman today! But I was going for the Hydra thing lol! Do I reaaaaally need to say who it is?