Friday, March 11, 2011

Is the red gobbler still avaible, Where is it? Megan TrollFlame

Megan TrollFlame's Question:

Hi Vanessa!
I read your blog everyday! I did ask Friendly this but I think I typed in his email wrong?? So I was in the Commons and I saw a girl with a pet that kinda looked like a circular monster with warts, and dangling tongue, and HUGE eyes! I asked her where she got it and she said from the crowns shop. It wasn't there when I looked! I tried to find her again but she left already. Where do you get a red gobbler now?

Thx, Bye!
Megan TrollFlame
Lvl 34 Pyromancer

Heya Megan!
Ty! XD
Well the red gobbler pet looks like this for all you people who are like "First I said Huh!? Then I said What!?"

He is Ugly.... But cute! :D!
So this little guy USE TO be in the crowns shop for the price of 6850 Crowns, with no card.... crazy huh?
He is cute cause of his Spiral famous, foot wave! :D!
He drops from Tumok GravelBeard in the Dragon's Maw in the Great Spyre (Malistaire's dungeon)
Tumok also drops 2 Other pets
Tumok Is a Pretty cool boss! The bad thing is he is like Stoker (Number 2) You get all the way there and then, you don't get it. Its kinda rare and I am not sure if it even drops from him anymore. I think so cause I got the Pale Maiden from Valdimeir DarkFlame earlier this week! So start farming.... I will be farming also, XD! He is just so cute! I want him to be in my house IRL and hop and toddle all around!

'Till next time

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  1. Toddle around *toddles* OH I LOVE KENSINGTON! It's so delightfully hard >:D D: No Mally-Dungeon for YOU, Van! We're farming OAKHEART! xD Guess who... I ain't telling.... I wish it would just say "Kassandora~sama IceMancer" at the top... wait... did I just give it away?