Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Heya, Wizards!
So I know what your saying right now in your head..... 'First I said Huh! Then I said What??!!'
Well he's coming down the spiral swirl right now!!
(Hears a 'Weeeeeehhhhh!!!' coming from the sky)

Noobs like Hunter are so nice :)
That was the nicest conversation I ever heard in 1 year in the game :)
'Hi, there I Wolf'
'Hi I'm Jack'
Though I learned about 5 minutes later his name was Hunter XD!
But still he was really nice! I met another nice person too! Bailey SunCaster, I think! She was also nice!
Me and Bailey are best friends now (On Jack only)! Hunter isn't really a joke maker...... Bailey is nice and makes jokes! And says Lol, Brb, Gtg, Etc. so I'm really having a good time playing Jack! Its really bringing back the feel of what the game was originally going to be! A family friendly game! But then some people (Not trying to be like the 'Soooommmeee people' type of thing there) started to learn to go around Chat filters and cursed and dated (Even I dated once when I was a mere adept)
So I trying to take it slow on Jack! Cause I want nice people to stay for a long time and kinda study which level they change their actions at XD! Like when Hunter will start being crazy, and Bailey will start to Ignore me, and when Hunter will start making jokes......... I'm mainly studying Hunter XD!
:) I can't wait to get more art stuff! (Completely off topic)

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!!

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