Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hi Cassandra!!

Hi XD!
Me and Cassandra have been doing some school designed outfit farming! We have mainly done

  • OakHeart (Oaky-Oak)
  • Oyotomi (Where's tommy? OH-YO-TOMMY!)
  • Meowiarty (Hairless cat! Ah Marlybone :) ......)
  • Crusher (For fun)
And thats whats we do the most!
I am changing things too!
  • The blog!
  • The time! (Something were we change the time foward one hour or something)
  • My outfit (SURPRISE!)
And remember Leesha? Hmm? I wonder what she has been up to!
  • Nothing in DS we stopped in...... Drake Hatchery. I gonna try and do some next weekend with Cass)
  • Designing yet again! Another life house!
  • Diddo
What have I been up to? Scroll back up to see!

Till next time

1 comment:

  1. You said "Hi" So here I am xD So all you people looking at this comment, I am planning on farming Tomugawa. So I was feeling random and we were like "Where's Tom?" "Oh yo TOMMY!!!!" "I hate you!" "Tommy you gotta - wha?" I guess that one < sounds kinda like "Tomugawa" xD Is this Cass? Maybe it is. I AM SUDDENLY OBSESSED WITH FARMING Oaky :D xD