Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pek-A-Boo! I found you!

Oooohhh springtime in Dragonspyre :) Grusome, Ugly, Dragon mating season, Ahhhhhh....... Good land, Dragonspyre!
Well! I went to go visit the destroyed school of, Dragonspyre academy! And discovered something!
So you know how we all bumped heads wondering if they even taught life and balance our if it was just Storm, Myth, Ice, Fire, and Death. Well I finished bumping my head when I saw this while farming stone blocks
See that brick design? Look over at the ruins next to it!

See! The same brick design! You can see the life/balance schools walkway!

So after discovering this, I decided to bash the stone block farming to go and find more evidence that the life/balance school was there! I found some more things, Like.....

This one is harder to see, But you can see that they have like a little roof over head above the door. right?

See! Also right in front of the pathway!

And the final piece of evidence is that you can see that the trees are in this container,  well I looked by the death school and......
He's in a container!

Rubble blocks this countainer but This is where the life/balance tree would go!
 Now, go visit the final resting place of the life/balance school and see if you can find more evidence! Its really fun!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!


  1. :D Yay! Huzzah! From Ninja ^^

  2. alright stormlock homles and watson the stormzilla find us some more evidence

    ~ Sean Nightfist