Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why most EVERYONE be complaining!

Personally...... I am reading only The Friendly Necromancer for awhile... Cause each blog I go to its "I'm leaving" "WHY KI!" "SRSLY KINGSISLE!" and "Is using open chat really that bad?" (That one wasnt so bad not really a rant) Give them a break please. I blame the teens (15-19) And (4-10) usually they curse. But what makes me upset is that everyone gets made at them when they caused it by cursing. One dumb thing to say it "Give it back!! I need to curse!" That will get a one way ticket to ban-derism! Why cant we all live in the spiral with peace......... :)

Well.... *blink blink*

Till next time


  1. Hey, Emeraldglade!
    Yesterday, I harvested my Fiery Boom Shroom.
    Guess what I got.
    A FIREZILLA Treasure Card!!!!!
    SYITS-The Heroic Pyromancer
    I read your blog everyday!!! And I love it.

  2. for the record, I haven't been hate-blogging. XD and no shooting people! that upsets them.

  3. Have to agree with you a little there, heh. Maybe just look at the titles of blogs and if they seem like complaining, don't read? Mine's just about my in-game adventures lately, thank goodness :)

  4. Hi, Victoria! (the Smart Allec Wizard)
    -The Heroic Pyromancer
    bad victoria. no cookie. xD

  5. that is just awesome the best picture ever hey guys i know this is kinda off topic but i'm about to get a youtube channel so i'm going to use that for wizard101 videos i'll tell you where to go soon but till then

    Don't Mess With The Leviathan!!!

    p.s don't worry i'll mention this site in at least one of my videos