Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ditto, New design, farming....

He went there and or is there right now!
I saw videos of him, In the car, testing, etc. And my favorite one was the testing one! He had the cutest little monster feet! And he was moving his hands all around and... UGH He was so cute! XD!

So do you like the new template?
I do! I need to edit some more but this is what it is so far!!
I love my header :D And the colors! I kinda got inspired by friendlys and did this!
I really love it right now! Its my favorite and Permanent/Needs adjusting Layout yet!
I might keep it!

So Cassandra, Justin, Paige, Scarlet and I have been farming more!
Oh-Yo-Tommy is getting kinda annoying though! He won't give me my hat!
But oh well, I least I'm getting money!

Till next time

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Vanessa!
    I really like your new header and template.
    Good luck farming!
    -The Heroic Pyromancer