Monday, March 7, 2011

Heya cousin Fallon XD

What time is it summer time! C-c-celebration! What time is it? Summer tttttttiiiimmmmeeee!!! I have that in my head! I blame Fallon............. Who ye think Goes by thee name of Fallon!?!??
My epic new cousin wizard playing wizards! She started playing when I went over to her house last Friday
2nd jack: Ooh so thats why you weren't here!
Me: Ya.....
Anyway She started playing (I went first ;D greedy old me!) and...... the most magical wizarding counsin moment happened..... Thy is declared a Diviner! Yay! Ya I have been doing some medieval project in school about their "Culture" That Still lasts today???? I guess in checkers or kings and queens But ????? Srsly!? I:. I was kinda sad though cause she has 3 computers but one is her dads WORK ONLY computer and her moms is "Easy to break" So we could only use hers :( No play time for me...
She made A list of her goals and gave it to me and said "Make me Famous" Then she smiled and held her head high XD So here it is.....

  • Craft Celestial Observatory & Watchtower Hall
  • Get to CL in 2 months With my help! :D
  • Win contests allot!
  • Become rich!
  • Make a successful job!
  • Become successful!
I told her you kinda cant be succesful in this game and she like "Ohh.... Put it on anyway! Haha"
These are her schools
  1. Storm
  2. Ice
  3. Life
  4. Sun
She told me she would drop out at different points.... Might work i: If she finds the cats ;)

Anyway As you Know (Maybe not) That Kingsisle made a change to the game were now only open chatter-boxes are allowed to use caps. Now I am open so I am fine! ;D But..... I sorta think it was a good change.... except I think they should let X be read but when you put the D then its yellow (X+D=XD) And : and D to be allowed (:+D= : D) But also never forget the famous Killing modo "DIE" (D+I+E=DIE) but other then thats its a GREAT change! Now you will barely notice then "I NEED A GIRL/BOY" In the commons or the "SHUT OP" in houses! Now you can just say "Your pathetic" in you mind and walk away! Cause you really CANT be serious when caps are off!

Till Next Time


  1. Gratz on the 200th post!(throw a party??)
    See you ITS!
    The Heroic Pyromancer

  2. Wow that is one long post! =D
    -Ethan--Level 60 Diviner-

  3. ooh i need to make something like what anonymous said ok first congrats on the 200th post and now i guess i'm done

    don't mess with the leviathan

    i'll be saying that more lol

  4. Hey, LEVIATHAN!
    I am the Heroic Pyromancer, and my job is to share stoires, tips, and tricks to other wizards around the Spiral. I accept your compliment.
    -The Heroic Pyromancer aka Talon Thunderblade