Sunday, May 22, 2011

Snacks have feelings to ya know!

I was walking around and saw a poor little firecat sitting on a mushroom, and he was crying. So I said "Whats wrong little firecat?" and he said "I can no longer supply my family with baby carrots!" And I said "Then go to Farly, and buy seeds, grow your own carrots if you please! Once you harvest you'll get your snack, a tasty baby carrot, or just buy a mega snack pack!"

Lets talk snacks! So we now know the relationship of plants and snacks, from that little rhyming story!
Although we know that there isn't a Cyrus Drake Flakes plant, but there are other things that match! For example, Baby carrots and Baby carrots, one is a plant and one is a snack. Today, (On my right) at the bazaar I learned some snacks are NO AUCTION? Well that's what my screen said! Snacks have their own relationships with the game! Its not something you give your pet when he did a good job (Kinda like when a Kindagarten teacher gives you a cracker or gold star if you answer correctly)!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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