Friday, May 20, 2011

*Insert court room music* The winner......

*Insert court room music here*
And the winner of the "Do you know me?" Contest is......

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Logan, will get a $10.00 W101 gift card coming with a nice piece of bacon and- *Ahem* Sorry I mean't a nice new ninja pig pet! So you may be saying.."What were those answers?" Or maybe "Ugh! Dangit!" But lets reply to the first one.

  1. My favorite Wizard101 superhero, or character is...who else....Halston Balestrom!
  2. This one only some of you first viewers knew this one, it was a prize for a MFP card, but something went wrong and well....hehe I deleted the post....
  3. The first person I drew was a fellow storm wizard, Alexis RoseFlame!
  4. My FIRST life alt was name Autumn Whisper! (No it wasn't Leesha SeaGlade)
Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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