Thursday, May 26, 2011

Will I get Sultan's palace?

No (lol).
I won't! Yes, it is awesome! Yes it is huge! Yes it is amazing and creative! But I won't get it, because of these reasons

  1. They will go out of style in a day
  2. Someone said (Forgive me for not knowing their name), that he/she thought that there would be a huge gift card house for each world. So if anything, I'm waiting for the Marlybone home!
  3. There might be a new one in the future!
  4. I have 100 friends, meaning 100 genies! ;)
So does that mean you shouldn't? HECK NO! That house is amazing, I even had a dream that gave me the greatest idea as a player! That house has genies, gifts, treasures, hallways, thrones, secret passage ways EVERTHING a wizard could want! I especially loved what Paige MoonShade did with part of her gold room.....

From Paige MoonShade's house
 Thats amazing! I love the crane! What I liked in the gold room was those huge steps leading down, and the Oni and cow statue! I think its so funny that in the commercial thought that this HOUSE was a world! Thats just how big it is! Kingsisle, your doing GREAT!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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